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I will be here!! My very first convention! I'm so excited!
Check out our website for more information!

Date and Time
Sat, July 22, 2017
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT

2000 Convention Center Concourse
College Park, GA 30337

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I'm a multi-genre writer who enjoys exploring new worlds of fantasy, science fiction, time-slip and a mash-up of others. I enjoy writing and will create depending on the mood of my inspiration. I may surprise you, won't you come explore with me?

I also enjoy creating jewelry and other unique items of which I sell or give away. Check out my Etsy page whenever you get the chance!

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I have completed the first book in my epic fantasy, the second is well on its way! The current cover that I have is only temporary until I come up with an epic concept. As soon as I get it edited professionally, it will be coming down. So if you're enjoying my version of magic and elves then you you need to either read it here or on Wattpad! Go give it some comments, stars, votes and love! It will disappear once edited!

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