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The adventure continues five years later in a nowhere town in Texas. Wil’s trying to deal with the chaotic up and down of his relationship with Red and the failing attempt at having what he think is a normal life. Then the past catches up with them again in

Wil's Winter.

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Science fiction, urban fantasy, high fantasy, action, adventure all with a little romance and comedy thrown in with lots of attitude at a 'in yo' face' style!

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The drama continues as Honey realizes her changes are affecting her partner, too! Emotions run high as she gets closer to Bo causing a reaction in Sammus she never expected. Bo’s growing affection for the little Human threatens his careful plans and drastic measures have to be taken in Semi-Human.

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Nicole Givens Kurtz

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Honey Cantrell was a simple comic book geek before the Celestials came to Earth. Her quiet life gets rocked by an unwanted career change, an alien mating ritual, unfriendly competition and radical DNA splicing! Can she survive the changes forced on her in Mostly Human?

Rita ‘Red’ James and friends realize that life after high-school is more than just getting a job and being an adult. Forgotten memories reveal fantastic abilities and a dangerous past they can’t escape in

Red Summer!

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