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Antoinette's Sampler Book


I'm Antoinette J. Houston and I'm a proud multi-genre indie author! I look forward to sharing my work and ideas with you, if you'll let me! I'm quiet sure you'll enjoy my stories! (I know I do!)

I love to write fantasy, urban and epic. I'm into space opera and just recently got into shifters and introduced to timeslip and dystopia genres. I look forward to introducing you to my characters and hope you'll fall in love (or hate) with them as I have!

If you're not sure, try my sampler book! (points to box above this one)

Snippets and Sneak Peaks is a collection of random chapters from my completed works and samples from an array of projects I am currently working on.

A taste of stories to come.

Chapters from both completed  books of my Red Summer (Urban Fantasy) series and a chapter from the third book of which I am currently working. There's also chapters from my space opera trilogy and a chapter from my epic fantasy: Wonderlost.

This is a great way for you to get a taset of my imagination!  And it's only $0.99!(For a limited time, I'm giving away paperback copies to subscribers!)

Thank you for stopping by!