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06-22-2017 ---- I have complete Wonderlost! At least book one anyway. Now I have to come up with some cash to get it edited and then published. I have no clue what to put on the cover, There's an old drawing I did of the characters that I did a while back, but of course I have to find it. But there's no rush, still got to edit it myself and then work on getting it pro-edited. I'll be posting something els in its place soon but if you don't get the chance to finish it here it will be avaiable until it published, on Wattpad. The first chapters have hit the ground running. I've already got ideas for the ending, but of course no middle. got to work on that. Someone sugggested I do a fourth book to my Mostly Human Trilogy. I'll think about it. Right now I really REALLY have to concentrate on getting Gray's Spring out. That's supposed to be the next book. My mind keeps wanting to fiddle with my timeslip story. We'll see what happens, especially with the book convention so close now. With all the Authors I'm going to meet there, I bet I come up with something new to do.

06-16-2017 ---- I have been busy! Working three stories at the same time is fun and exciting and I'm so surprised that I am able to keep the extremly different story-lines and all the characters separated! Wonderlos :Book one is coming to a close and Book two is already two chapters in. Gray Spring well in progress, but it's cover is still bothering me, and I have agreed to work on a graphic novel with my brother! The concept is really freakin' cool and I can't wait to finish getting the basis of the first book down to see the art that goes with it. At the sametime I'm finalizing last minute details on the conventions and getting ready to sign up for a weekly festival here in town! Wire wrapping is great for stress relief and motivating my creative flow. I look forward to giving some of my new items new homes!

06-06-2017 ---- I have signed up for a total of THREE conventions! I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, y'all! I'm getting my self out there to mingle! Here's to meeting new friends, contacts and fans! I'm so excited! Of course at the same time I freaking out, too! Do i have enough swag to give? will I freeze up? I detest public speaking, but I have to do it if I want to get my stories out there, you know? I can't wait! I think I over did it with the swag though. I got all kinds of stuff on top of the handmade stuff. Still debating on whether or not to sign all the books now or wait and do it there. Man! I am anxious! New adventure new experiences! Nervous as all get out. But, here I come!

05*29*2017 ---- It's going to be a great summer! I hope y'all are having a safe holiday! Lots of bar-b-que and family time.  Me and mine went to Stone Mountain. To say I was tired is an understatement, but my son enjoyed himself. (Slept like a log all morning!)

Anyway! Excited to tell ya that I have signed up to do another convention! Onyxcon! In August! I will be there with my brother, the wonderful artist that has done all my covers! So I will be braving the more public areas of authordom twice! The Kickback in July and Onyxcon in August! I am excited. I'm still looking to do a festival as well, still looking into that, but I have created some new items to be posted to my ETSY page. As far as writing, my mind has taken a break.  I'm supposed to be working on Gray Spring, but it's just not coming. So I'm not going to push it. But it's will be done before winter. (I hope) Along with the revamping of all the Red Summer series covers.

05-22-2017 ----- And it's live! Beyond Human is now available on Kindle! the paperback has a few days before going live, but it's out! I'm so happy! Oh! And Mostly Human is availible, for a limited time, for ONLY $.99 CENTS! Get your copies while it's cheap! Start the trilogy off cheap! Both Mostly Human and Semi Human are on sale as a set for under $6 bucks on Amazon!! Now to get prepped for up coming festivals and conventions!

05-15-2017 ----- Wow. With the new job schedule and summer break coming, I am being pulled all over. I'm moving on! Taking a break from the old and prepping for the new. Beyond Human is DONE! I simply have to publish it. Looking to create some posters and get the money to get a good amount of paperbacks. I'm getting everything I can to be ready for this convention in July! I'm still nervous and excited about that. Already got some folks looking to get copies now. I'm stoked! That week is going to be busy! My wedding anniversary, my son's birthday, and then the convention! No stress as I won't have to be to work until August. Keep up!

05-08-2017 ----- Yep, I'm making the attempt to rearrange this site. I'm in a great mood! Probably will be for a while. Making a move to change things in my life. Give myself a chance to truly do what I enjoy. Training for a new job and forgetting the old. Looking into do more festivals and attempting to contact indie bookstores. I'm a bit nervous about it, but you either step out or step off. Never too old to learn new things.

In other news, the cover is completed and it's fantastic and I'm currently in the final edits of Beyond Human. Looking forward to getting some printed out by the end of May. I'll have new books to sell when the convention arrives. I'm excited.

05-01-2017 ----- And we are almost there! Cover is being done and the editing is being finished. We're talking days! A few more days and Beyond Human will be completed and ready to publish! I'm excited! Not only because it's being released but because now I get to move on to another project. With plans to be done with this next book before  the Fall. the artwork is fantastic and I can't wait to show you once all the little details are completed! Now I simply have to get some money to print out a few copies, my fifth book! I have written five books! Wow. Lol. No time to rest, on to the sixth!

04-24-2017 ----- Editing and cover work are well under way. in about two weeks I'll have completed my fifth book! I'm really proud of myself. Keeping with this has really been good for me. Thanks Cuz, for convincing me to publish my first book. Thanks to my family for supporting me and my Hubby for always being there! Love the people in my life, I have been truly blessed! The plan is to complete this last book for my Red Summer series before the fall, hoping. I think I've gotten comfortable with the title of 'Gray Spring'. To be similar to Red Summer. Still finalizing the concept for its cover. the cover for Red Summer and Wil's Winter have been decided and I can't wait for them to be completed, but I have to be patient and get Beyond Human done first.

04-17-2017 ----- Beyond Human is complete and off to the see the Editor! Hopefully she'll like it and won't rip my work apart too much. :p

On to the next project(s)! I have completed and three possible covers for BH, the revamp of Red Summer and Wil's Winter. As soon as they are done Grey's Spring (Or whatever I finally decide to call it) will be the next book. I'm hoping for before fall as it's already pretty much halfway done. So currently I find myself with a little time. I'm creating swag for the Book convention and Etsy. So make sure to take a look and Good Morning!

04-10-2017 ----- Morning! I am still very excited about the book convention. I may have over done it, but I'm not too mad at myself for what I've done so far.As long as Beyond Human comes out before then, then all is well. I have the money necessary to get it edited and the cover done. that's the main thing. I think I have every thing covered as far as the convention goes I may order some more books just in case. Not too many as I'm still an unknown and even I know I can't afford to simply give inventory away. I've planned raffles and there's lots of swag and I hope to have a lot of fun and meet some new buddies! On the other hand I'm still learning this internet thing as far as creating a subscription/ newsletter thing. Eventually I'll figure it out and then  ... well still working on that. :p

04-04-2017 ----- Heya! Yes, I'm a day late, but with good reason! I gotta lot of stuff to do to get myself planned out for  my FIRST BOOK CONVENTION!!! I'm overly excited and probably will spend more money than I should, but i want to have this planned out well. On top of that, is my making most of my swag by hand. So, for just a little while, I won't be posting an Author of the week. It's the most time consuming thing for this site and I need that extra time so I can knock out the last few chapters of Beyond Human. I really REALLY want to have this book finished before the convention in July. (COLLEGE PARK CONVENTION CENTER! ATLANTA KICK BACK! JULY 22ND!) Going to be a raffle for the amulets I made and other handmade items with my book themes. But most of it is by hand so I really got to get it together. I'll keep posting updates via Tumblr and I won't forget to post the next chapter to Wonderlost!

03-27-2017 ----- This morning started off weird. We'll see what happens the rest of the day. Woke to my alarm and proceeded to get my son ready for school. While he was brushing his teeth, I headed to my 'Woman-cave' to get my computer booted up and ready for my own morning routine.

And then a bus rolled by the window.

I looked at the clock and realized a little late that my son was going to be late for school. My husband and I rushed to get him ready as he whined about wanting breakfast, I'm still trying to figure out why I woke thirty minutes late when my alarm went off? I've lost time! I've never slept through an alarm before and yet it was the second alarm that woke me. Beginning to think I should start drinking coffee more.

But, besides that, I've come up with the cover concept for my Beyond Human!

03-20-2017 ----- So the Yellow Pollen Fest started miserable and wet. The wind, wow, the wind was truly pissed off. It was trying its hardest to upset the vendors by ripping tents up and about. It was cold and of course, this lasted for like the first half of the festival. We had to fight to keep dry, warm and from losing the tent and table. But the sun won out in the end. the last three or four hours it was like a totally different day. The clouds cleared and the heat got turned up. The wind was still trying to fight but the customers began to show up and we made some money. I sold books and jewelry and I am quite sure if the first half of the fest was as sunny it would have been a fantastic day. As it was, it was still better than last year. Still trying to decide whether or not if being thickly dusted in pollen is better or worse than being cold, mildly wet and wind battered. Haven't decided. On another note, now that the fest is out of the way I can fully concentrate on Beyond Human! While in the last few chapters I was hit with the inspiration for an amulet. I'm moved to give away at least three along with the third book once it's been edited and then published. Be on the look out!

03-12-2017 ----- I am now forty-two years old! 4-2. My Birthday was pleasant! Spent the day with my Hubby and son (poor kid passed out before we got back home and then put himself to bed.) Now for the vacation part of my week! Spring cleaning to commence in a few hours, it's early but necessary. Then I can organize my creative space with the new containers and then go back to working the last few chapters of Beyond Human. It's going well and should be completed before the summer, maybe sooner if my brother would stop being a brat!

03-06-2017 ----- March is here! My month! Birthday is next week and so is my vacation! I'm so giddy it's ridiculous. Not to mention that I can't stop reminding folks at work that: 'Hey! I will NOT BE HERE!' (I'm so mean.) NOT! Anyway! I'm looking forward to some down time, some me time and some vacation Time! Not to mention that the Yellow Pollen fest. is on the last day of my vacay week! I'll be rested and ready when it gets here.

02-27-2017 ----- Hi.

So, I'm in the last stretch of preparation for the Yellow Pollen Festival. I'm excited. I have a lot of new stuff to offer as well as more books to and book swag to give away. I'm really looking forward to it. At the same time I've come to a decision, on my birthday things are going to change. I've never been one for new year resolutions or whatever, but when my age goes up another year, I am determined to change.   I am steadily moving to the end of this book and determined put out two books this year.

02-13-2017 ----- I am saddened and still in shock, but yesterday I cried a lot. Lost a friend to a heart attack ... she was only 5 years older than me! She was always positive and had smiles to spare and the fact that she's gone is heartbreaking. I find myself spacing out for the past couple of days. thinking about how nothing is guaranteed. If you're going to do something, do it. Tomorrow is not a given.

02-06-2017 ----- It's called Timeslip! It's an actual genre! I didn't even know, I guessed and I was right. But that is what 'The Amulet' is, it is a timeslip story. I can't wait to get into it again. but I broke my block with Beyond Human. I'm on a roll again. The days are passing quickly and my self-imposed deadline is fast approaching! I have GOT to get this book done! At the same time I am becoming more and more anxious about the Yellow Pollen Festival in March! I have some really cool and unique stuff to sell and my table mapped out. I'm not going to overload myself as I did last year and try to keep it simple. So glad for friends and siblings!

01-31-2017 ----- My body hurts.

I don't know what's going on with me, but the procrastination is getting worse! I should have posted yesterday, but I  was too tired and I slept a good portion of the day away. I eventually got myself together. I did some writing and some creating for the festival. Getting my inventory situated. Got my table and mapped out a scheme for my jewelry. I at the point where I'm excited about the festival, but at the same time, I can't wait till its come and gone. I think it's starting to stress me out. But it was so much fun! As far as my writing goes, Book sales have picked up and I really need to pick up the pace to get this last books out. Maybe that's why I'm stressing over the festival. Too busy trying to make sure I have it together. Okay! I've got to shake this off. Beyond Human Is halfway done, but it still needs time for editing and perfection of the cover!


01-23-2017 ----- I've gotten anxious. I want my story to be ready for my editor already! But I keep finding issues with it and changing whole chapters about! And I'm rather cut-throat about them too! Once the decision is made to change it, I immediately delete it and empty the trash file so I can't go back and flip-flop over it. On a different note, I have been extremely creative with my jewelry. I'll have some really unique stuff to sell when the festival comes about. I am excited!

01-16-2017 ----- The Ideas have picked up again! Yes! For a moment there I thought I was going to be in major trouble. The flow for my story had lagged big-time and nothing was working. But A couple of days ago it started up again! I'm so happy, but I still have a long way to go to getting these notes and ideas organized into chapters. At the same time is the concern for this year's Yellow Pollen Festival i will be going to. I had a lot of fun last year so I plan on going again, but with changes, of course. not going to take so much, better organized and just like last year, enjoy myself. I'm determined to get this done before the end of summer, but it's proving to be a difficult task. Not giving up. Still have yet to finalize an idea for the cover, but I'm working on it!

07-09-2017 ----- It's cold! I don't like the cold! I can't wait til spring gets here! OMG! I feel like a friggin' popsicle! Anyway, I've already planned to join the festivities for the Yellow Pollen Festival in March! I'm so excited! Looking forward to doing that again! Got new items to sell and more books to hand out! I even have cards! :P Still plodding along with Beyond Human. i have hit a spot in the story where I just can't seem to get it to 'feel right'! I have re-written and re-written the same chapter over and over again. I've even tried writting a totally different scene but I just can't seem to move past this point. I;m thinking it that time to switch gears and try writing on another story until something hits me. My deadline is still Summer-time so hopefully this little 'block' won't take too long to deal with.

01-02-2017 ----- It's a new year! I hope everyone brought it in safely and with determination to do new and fantastic things! I think I'm ready! I have plans and I'm going to succeed in them!

I've change the site up a little, not much and I have concept ideas of re-vamped covers to post! It's going to take a while to get them done but I'm pushing for it! Vacation time has come around again for me! I've plans for the week of my birthday in March and determined to complete two books this year! Of course it's the last in the series for both Red Summer and Mostly Human - but I'm proud of them as neither were supposed to be more than one book in the first place. But thanks to all those that have helped me along the way!

I write science fiction, urban fantasy, high fantasy, action, adventure all with a little romance and comedy thrown in with lots of attitude with an 'in yo' face' style!

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Wonderlost is coming to a close!

I truly hope you enjoyed it while it was being written. Sorry for the late posting. I'm working three stories at the same time. Not complaining, but it's getting hectic! Two more chapters and Book One of Wonderlost will be complete. It will be pre-edited and then pro-edited and then ... well, you know. I hope you enjoyed it!  and any and all feedback would be appreciated! Thanks guys!

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