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It’s been almost a month now and there’s been no word of anyone searching for the dolled up pet of Prince Sayer’s. Gar wondered what goes through her mind as she stared restlessly from the balcony of his private chambers.

The garden below called to her with its varying array or flowery perfumes and bird songs. Flaunting a freedom she more than likely took for granted when she was home. She was dressed in a plain pink and powder blue dress; her hair braided and tied up with a large pink bow. One would think her a guest until one noticed her dirty bare feet chained at the ankles.

Gar wondered briefly if she would jump this time, knowing that each time she came to his chambers she would stare out at the garden, her body tensing as if she’s going to make a run for it. It was a 30-foot drop to the ground and he knew without question her magyk, whatever spell she had in mind, wouldn’t save her from breaking both legs.


The girl in mention continued to pace restlessly, her dainty hand at her mouth while she thought hard on her possibilities. Her eyes catching every flying bird that moved, every butterfly that fluttered from flower to flower. She wanted to be out of this place. Her levitating spell was her only hope for such an escape. Her inner debate was whether it was strong enough to keep her from hitting the ground too hard. Will it be strong enough to keep her off the ground?

“It won’t.”

Tirin rolled her eyes finally remembering that the sorcerer was there.

“I think that your best bet is to wait.”

Tirin sighed. Gar had saved her several times from being molested by Sayer and/or his Guards, but something about him still kept her on edge. He seemed so wrong. Regardless of how cordial he was to her she still found it hard to trust him.

“Don’t want to wait.” They were silent for a moment. “What do you want?” She finally faced him and watched him smile. An action that seemed strange for his face to do.

“Knowledge.” He moved from his desk toward her. “Knowledge about Ao'lean.”

She sighed again. “Do not believe I am wanted there.” She replied softly.

“So you think they’ve abandoned you?”

He could practically see her heart break as he finished his sentence. Apparently it was something she thought, but could not say. She stared out over the balcony again.

Did her father truly never want to see her again? Did Tyrus give up on her when he saw her...kiss…?

“I…” Her hands quickly cover her face and her shoulders dropped. Gar moved closer still waiting for an answer to his question.

“Tirin?” He nearly fell back as she turned to him with her face streaked with tears.

“I don’t know what to think, I---!” she practically threw herself at him wrapping her arms around him and burying her face into his chest. Gar stood rigid not sure of what to do or how to respond. He searched the room for something to pry her off with not liking the feeling that was welling up within him.


Sayer pulled away from the peephole, the threat of a very ungentlemanly-like guffaw ready to free itself and expose his hiding place at Gar’s inability to react.

He balked for a moment. Was Gar falling for the half-breed, could Gar actually fall for her? All this time he thought the sorcerer too involved in magyk to be affected by lust or love or even just curiosity or conquest. Sayer quietly headed back up the narrow passageway back toward his private chambers. Question was: was he jealous? Sayer felt irritated and betrayed that after his graceful treatment of the girl and all the gifts he’s given her she had yet to say two pleasant words to him, let alone allow him to touch her.

He shut the hidden door and headed toward the door at the far end of his room.

It didn’t matter, Gar and Tirin had to suffer for their actions.


Sayer was there at the door to greet them on their way out when Gar decided to return her to the dungeons. Prince Sayer smiled then bowed low.

“Any chance I can have your company for lunch, Tirin?”

Gar knew she was going to refuse without hesitation and nudged her sharply as she opened her mouth to decline.

She nodded instead, but not before Gar watched the Prince’s eyes show his true feelings. He observed the two while they headed toward the dining wing. She was in trouble.


Lunch was a fiasco and as she recalled the events she knew that Sayer did it all on purpose. To publicly humiliate her in front of all those people.

She just laid there on her straw mat calling up the looks on the faces of those pompous humans. It all started when he asked about her necklace, she told him it was from her mother. Then he wanted to see it, she of course said no. Whatever mood he was in was made worse at that. They watched him toy with her. Put his hands where they didn’t belong and then have the nerve to kiss her. Of course she slapped him and he seemed so surprised. Prince Sayer reacted like a spoiled brat. In a rage he hit her, knocking her to the floor threatening to do more, but then gasps from the ‘ladies’ stopped him. He called the guards in to take his gifts back; nearly stripping her bare before having them forcefully return her to her cell.

She didn’t care, much. She sat up and crawled over toward the center of her cell where water pooled. Looking at her reflection she touched at the darkening bruise on her cheek. It still stung, but tomorrow would find her with not a sign of abuse. She sat back and sighed a new train of thought pushing her trouble with the Prince back.

All this time she thought her fast healing was due to her human blood; her sharper than normal sight, her high endurance and stamina. The heightened sense of smell should have been her clue, but as she’s never met another human being before now, she didn’t know that her senses weren’t normal for humans either.

Tirin crawled back over to her bedding. Tyrus wasn’t cursed. She knew this now, as a curse was personal, it couldn’t be altered, and it couldn’t be shared unless created to do so. But abilities could. It could be altered or diminished and she should have known that the very first day of his change. That moment she forced him to regain his form she had unconsciously given some of herself to him and she had taken a bit of him into her.

What would have happened if she hadn’t done that? Would he have remained a wolf? She sighed again realizing that all her wondering didn’t matter. No one was coming for her. She closed her eyes hoping that she would sleep forever.


Gar didn’t know what to make of the ruckus coming from Tirin’s cell as he made his way down the drab corridor the next day. Murai, Tirin’s caretaker, was slumped against the wall far from the girl’s cell when he finally reached the room.

Inside Tirin screeched as three guards tried to subdue her.

“What are you animals doing?” Gar bellowed yanking one off by his throat. “Stop what you’re doing now before I --!” The guards pulled away from Tirin quickly.

Tirin glared at the three guards then looked at the sorcerer panting heavily. Her face was dark with bruises and scratched but her throat was worse for wear. She couldn’t seem to take Gar’s shock anymore and broke into tears

“What the hell were you idiots doing?” He growled.

“Prince Sayer wanted her necklace, we were ordered to take it.” The bravest of the three said rather arrogantly sporting bloody furrows on his face.

“Tell your Prince that he is a fool, it’s a spell catcher, no one can remove the necklace except the wearer.”

“Then tell her to remove it.” The carrot top piped up from behind the first guard.

Gar put his hand on Tirin’s shoulder and moved her closer to him. “That wouldn’t help him. The necklace would become nothing more than a simple necklace, the spells caught would disappear.” He dabs at Tirin’s face with his sleeve, wiping at her bloodied nose. “Go tell your Prince that he should have asked me before attempting this—.”

“Prince Sayer doesn’t have to ask permission from---.”

There was a flash and the third guard is gone, in his place was a rather sorry looking goat. “Tell Sayer what I said.” Gar finished.

The other two guards rushed out with the armored goat following behind them bleating pitifully.

Tirin pulled away from Gar her whimpering tapering off. “I told him couldn’t remove it yesterday, why he want my necklace?” Her hand goes to her neck.

Gar simply frowned. “His attention is no longer on you. Didn’t think he would find something new this fast.”

Her attention was called by moaning from outside the still open cell door.

“Murai!” Tirin’s attention no longer on Gar and the sorcerer couldn’t seem to understand the sudden rise of jealousy. He followed her out and watched her tend to the old guard’s head.

“They attacked you or you tried to stop them?” Gar asked in his normal cold tone. Tirin looked at him then returned her attention back to Murai, helping the old man to his feet. The old guard hugged her with a tender smile and Tirin accepted it without hesitation. Gar cocked his head at this.

“Hm.” Gar straightened his robes, “Tirin.”

The girl in mention turned to him.

“Prince Sayer is a brute, things are only going to get worse from here on.”

Murai shook his head and stood straighter. “You have to do somethin’…Sir.
Gar found himself smiling at the sudden bravado from the old man.


Murai Dun was just an old guard, this job forced on him only because he had been too drunk at the time to realize what he was agreeing to. He was the whipping boy of the castle. Most of the time he was drunk, so he never knew what was going on until too late. He wasn’t happy when he sobered up enough to realize what he had signed on to do. But the rumors and the stories about her were quickly quelled and dismissed after the first week he spent with her.

Tirin was a darling, suspicious of everyone, but her situation didn’t make it easy for her.

Murai began to take to her, she reminded him of his daughter, the one who died, the reason for his drinking.

Murai nodded. “I o’erheard Prince Sayer tellin’ some of his toadies that he couldn’t believe how jealous he’s grown o’er the relationship you ‘nd Tirin have. He’s not happy that she’s closer to you than she is to him.”

“Has he seen the way you two interact?” Gar almost laughed. “But I’m not surprised; he is still a boy mentally.”

Murai sighed, “Sir, He is goin’ to get violent, I fear for her…you have to do somethin’.”

The sorcerer rubbed his chin, actually amazed at the old man’s gall. “What am I to do? If your brat prince is this jealous it is only a matter of time before he finds a way to keep me from seeing her.” He paced a bit. The guard was right though; Sayer had surprised them all with how patient he had been with Tirin this far. This could only mean that she was going to be in serious trouble when he finally gave up and it could only end badly for her. Gar didn’t want to see her hurt or molested in any way. He still had yet to figure out how she acquired her magyk and where she was keeping the final piece to his own research.

“I’ll try to come up with something.” He turned to Tirin. “Till then be nice and hide that spell catcher of yours.”

Tirin watched Gar’s back till he disappeared around a corner. “Where is my Tyrus!” she cried. “Why aren’t they here for me?”

Murai hugged her.


Tyrus loped back through M’kor Woods his excitement almost getting the best of him. In two more days a month would have passed since Tirin’s kidnapping. It had taken their group a week in the wrong direction and then another two to correct that error. Sire Baelor really laid into Darec for misleading them. It made Tyrus feel better though to know that Sire Baelor didn’t think the brat prince to be beyond perfect like most rank blind fools. After they returned to Ao'lean and made their way in the right direction Tyrus quickly picked up the hunting party’s fading scent. A trail that took another four days to piece together after almost two weeks of being scattered and broken by weather and fauna. But Tyrus found it and on his own, after demanding that he take to searching the towns without the aid of Darec. Out of sight he used his new found control of his ‘curse’ to change into the wolf he’s always been, but with a twist. He could alter his color and size now, resembling more a ragged stray dog than the monstrous wolf. He picked up more gossip and rumors this way not to mention better food than the rations back at camp.

The trail of broken information led them to the sprawling town of Norin, where the populace was mostly scholars and scientists of sorts. Their minds were more open than most and he was able to walk in without fear of being shot on sight, but after a few hours of being there he felt being shot would have been better. Getting a simple answer from these people was excruciating, resulting in long drawn out answers that wound about like angry snakes. But his patience won through, finally a solid lead!

Abrupt warmth around his right foreleg brought his scattered attention back to the here and now. He quickly twisted in mid leap, the bright blue glow of his adornment near blinding as he flipped sideways from an old rain rusted bear trap. The sun was sinking and his heart thudded in his chest. The trap had been made obvious after years of neglect but like most it would still break an animal’s leg if set off. Tyrus sat down for a moment to calm his nerves. That had been close. He couldn’t let his excitement get to him like that again. The blue glow gradually faded away and he quietly thanked Tirin for giving him the armlet. It had been the very first gift she had ever given him.

A year after he had been ‘cursed’ and his mother had died, he had moved in with the Desgjins. Soon afterwards his early morning trips to Noir Swamps began. One day he blundered angrily into a trap and returned home a bleeding mess. Tirin fussed and tended to him for hours and when night came she left at her usual time, but she returned late the next morning. He listened from his room as she labored up the stairs, dropped something at his bedroom door, and then made her way into her room. She didn’t come out of her room for almost two days afterwards. The bag at his door held this armlet and a note demanding he wear it immediately after a description of what it was to do. It warned him of harm and somehow deterred malice. He never understood how, he just knew he had to test it out. Of course upon his return from his ‘experimenting’ somehow she knew and more chiding was received.

Tyrus gave the trap one last look before starting again, but not before he surprised himself with a long mournful howl. How he missed her! He had never been separated from her for longer than a day. Hearing her laugh, seeing her smile, feeling her touch, the smell of her!

Tyrus ran at full tilt with renewed urgency. It had been too long without her. Time seem to speed up as he raced through the forest back to camp.

He smelled the smoke of a flourishing campfire as he drew nearer to camp. He was sure that despite his current demeanor Baelor would be worried about him as he had left without telling anyone.

Evergreen watched when Tyrus ran through camp then noticed the contemplating look Alce was giving him when he passed them. The boy seemed more comfortable when a wolf now.

“Sire!” Tyrus barked. “She is in the next town!”

He panted heavily as he padded over to the older elf. “Kiten. Tirin is there in Kiten.”

Baelor frowned. Kiten was a human settlement with little tolerance of other races. They saw non-humans as oddities or commodities. He started to ask him if he was sure when Darec sat up from his mat with a sour look on his face.

“How would you…?” He started, openly irritated that he was so sure.

Alce laughed aloud. “The idea that you would actually doubt someone with senses that exceeds your own.”

Baelor hid his smile, surprised that the Young Lord would be so obvious with his jealousy. He found himself unconsciously patting Tyrus on the head and received a strange look for it.

“He’s faster than we are on foot or on horseback…” he counted off the reasons on his fingers. “He’s able to get in and out of places we would stand out in. Especially with you tagging along and I can’t believe I have to explain this to you!” He laughed again.

Darec glared at the young mage. “Well if he was so proficient at finding things why didn’t he do that to begin with?”

Baelor stood up growing annoyed with the bantering. “Because you wouldn’t let anyone. Due to your misdirection we were headed in the wrong direction for far too long! You refused to hear any ideas from anyone! Even your own Guards!” He stared at him. “You say you care for my daughter, but if you’ll excuse my skepticism of your sincerity. You’ve done nothing but prolong this rescue and you were our only lead!” He snapped growing angrier with each word. “You are practically useless!”

“Sire.” Tyrus said quietly. He watched as Baelor took a deep breath and slowly released it.

“Let’s go. I want my daughter.”


Night had fallen almost five hours ago and there had been no word from Gar or even Sayer since this morning’s excitement. Murai had been called away almost seven hours ago, which left her with nothing to do but nap off and on in her isolated cell. Tirin started to doze off again, when Murai woke her with the frantic clattering of keys. She sat up abruptly watching the door immediately awake and ready for whatever may happen.

Murai finally got the door open her dinner nearly falling to the floor, as he seemed more rattled than normal.

“Okay, Murai?”

“Yes, girl, but you may not be.”

“What is it?”

Murai calmed himself by taking a few deep breaths. “Gar is gone.”

Tirin looked at him confused. “What?”

“They escorted the sorcerer out an hour ago. After a right splendid argument with the Prince.” The old Guard moved to kneel in front of her. “Gar tried to tell the Prince that he needed you for some private experiments and the Prince went mad! He started yellin’ about some conspiracy between you and him and that it was not goin’ to happen.” Murai looked at the brown skinned girl sorrowfully. “He said that you were his and he wasn’t givin’ you up, not till he was done with you.”

Tirin’s skin became clammy at the thought of her strongest ally being taken from her. But she felt that Gar was stupid in his assumption that the Prince would so casually give her to him on loan! At the back of her mind something told her that the sorcerer had done this on purpose.

“He’s upstairs gettin’ right drunk, he’ll visit you sometime tonight…. I don’t know what to do, Tirin.” The old guard paced the cell. “There is no other way out of here save the stairs and after they escorted the sorcerer out under armed guard he posted more guards at the entrance to the dungeons. There’s no escape that I can think of.”

Tirin found herself strangely calm as she watched Murai pace. Gradually her calm bled into anger at herself, all the years she’s been experimenting with different spells and yet her grasp of magyk was weak. Nothing she could think of would get her out of this fix. She would have to wait till the prince came to her.

“Fear this is last night here.” She whispered and smiled slightly at the fearful look on Murai’s face. “But I won’t go alone.”