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Tyrus was a fool.

How dare he think that bringing up the past would actually make him feel unworthy of Tirin’s hand? Darec remained quiet as he continued to walk. The quiet of the night making his thoughts loud. The stillness of the brush as it surrounded him, was a bit unnerving as he moved through them. Careful not to snag anything he maneuvered his way back toward camp, the sounds of the crickets and other nocturnal animals slowly being muted out by his pondering. Marrying her would be the ultimate sacrifice, the proof of his repentance even if she didn’t want it. Darec looked ahead, unconsciously searching for shadows that didn’t belong. In time he knew his feelings would grow deep for Tirin, he was sure of it. She was special, the Grand Ao'lean made that known that she was more than what her lineage showed. He wanted some of that attention.

Something moved ahead causing him to stop.

“Who’s there?” He snapped watching the tight band of trees ahead of him. Darec saw the red of her hair even in this darkness as she came out of the shadows. “Daynel? What’re you doing out here?”

Her glare was intense, making him uncomfortable quickly. “Sire Baelor awoke to find Tirin gone. He got worried that something may have happened… until he found that you and Tyrus had disappeared as well. Actually a lot longer than she had.” She moved closer toward him before continuing. “We decided to look for the three of you.”

Darec blinked confused. “Tirin’s gone?”

Daynel’s glare intensified. “You shouldn’t worry. She’s around here somewhere.” She watched almost pleased as his façade showed a little apprehension.

Darec swallowed. “You heard everything, didn’t you?” He knew the answer was yes as suddenly she broke into tears.

“As loud as his howls and your shouting were it was hard not to!” She took a hitching breath and then threw her hands over her head her eyes glaring up into the star filled sky. “All I wanted was for you to see me, to see how much I was in love with you!” She exclaimed angrily.

Darec’s mouth dropped. “Daynel …”

 “I tried everything to convince your heart.” She wiped her eyes. “I’ve been trying for the longest to get you to look at me the way you pretend to look at her. I hated Tirin for you, tortured her to impress you.” She sniffed loudly. “Then I hated her because she had you and she didn’t seem to really want it, now I know why.” She sighed. “I remained faithful to my emotions, waiting for you to see me. I was sure that you would eventually grow out of your attraction of Tirin’s humanity.” She laughed. “I suffocated my life for you only to find out you’re not what I thought you were.” She shook her head in disappointment. “Now I just feel sorry for her.”

Darec started to ask why when her glare of utmost disgust silenced him.

“Because of you.” She snapped.


 Her voice wavered as she moved even closer. “You raped her and actually think that marriage will make it all better?” She glared at him with such hatred he lost his reply.

He took a breath to start again.

 “Shut. Up!” She snapped. “If that isn’t bad enough, you don’t even love her and you actually believe that she’s that desperate to belong?” She looked at him in disbelief then grabbed him and shook him. “How could you?” She searched his face. “I had such respect for you! How in the world could you do that and believe that she’ll marry you?”

Darec glowered at her now irritated before he pushed her away. “This is why I never found you attractive.” He said exasperatedly. “You don’t know when to mind your own business. Besides, I didn’t ask you to do anything for me. Anything you‘ve gone through was your own fault.”

Daynel paused then laughed. “Listen to you! You think so high of yourself; trying to pretend you’re so well mannered when you’re nothing but a low-class brute! You actually think that Tirin will take you for a husband? You took advantage of her, you monster!” She found it hard to keep her voice even as a painful lump found its way into her throat. “You hideous fiend!” Daynel screamed irately.

“None of this is your business.” He looked at her coldly. “And you would do best to keep it to yourself.”

“Are you threatening me?” She laughed again. Darec continued to threaten her with his narrowed eyes.

“She’s a good person, whether I care to say so or not. For you to even think that this will make all her dreams come true is insulting to any civilized woman.” She took a deep breath then slowly let it out, trying to calm herself down. “You are truly not who I thought you were.”

Darec remained quiet for a moment. “No one asked for your opinion, Daynel.” He turned and started to walk away.

“Tyrus was right you know!” She yelled after him. “You’re a fool! A selfish dim-witted fool! This stupid plan of yours will never work!”

He stopped.

“You are an idiot to believe that she’ll take you!”

Darec glared at her for a moment before storming over to her and grabbing her by her arm roughly.

 “Will you be quiet?” He hissed not wanting anyone else to hear this. “No matter what you think, Tirin will be happy with me despite whatever you or Tyrus think you will do.” He shoved her away feeling his temper beginning to boil over. “Besides, you’re just upset because it’s not you. Jealousy doesn’t make you right.”  

She huffed up yet found it impossible to say what she wanted. She slapped him and then watched him smile rather bemusedly at her before slapping her back.

She held her face as if it was going to fall off; surprised that he did that. “I did care for you, but who … what woman in her right mind would want a rapist for a husband!” She backed off as his eyes took on a strange look. Keeping her tears in control she continued on. “I can apologize for the hell I’ve put her through and in time she can forgive me, but you can’t.” She grinned as the distance between them became substantial. “Every time she sees your face, hears your voice, she’ll remember how you violated her.”

“She’ll forgive me.” He said more to himself.

“She can’t if she wanted to, you idiot!” Daynel screamed. “You’re a monster! Everything about you is insulting!”

Sudden hate for the redhead swelled up in his chest so quick he could barely breathe. “You’re pushing it.”

“So? Tyrus deserves her. He’s taken care of her even before he realized he cared for her. He’s her true love and she’ll see that soon now that I’ve changes my ways!” She smiled at him. “I’m going to do my best to become her best friend! Like Tyrus, I’ll make sure she never thinks about you romantically!” She faltered a bit as the look on his face said more than she wanted to read. “Or anyone else for that matter.”

“I’ll kill you!” Darec raged as he ran at her, quickly cutting the distance between them. She screamed as he grabbed at her. Ducking and collecting her cumbersome dress she took off ahead of him.

He watched as the air about her shimmered when she began working a spell, he threw himself at her, tackling her down, interrupting the spell.

“This isn’t going to make it any better!” She struggled to get her legs free enough to kick him away. She was able to get a quick kick in, drawing blood that only angered him more. He yelled as he grabbed her again this time missing the only sign given when she worked a spell. She was too afraid to truly control it so it became more or less a distraction spell, but it worked. Flames swirled about him blinding him momentarily and singeing him a bit. With a yell he released her and she quickly scrambled away. He just grinned, knowing that it would be quite some time before she could recharge for another spell. He sat there for a minute or two till his eyes refocused.

Daynel screamed as she ran, Baelor and the others were about somewhere, where she didn’t know. She now regretted her urgency to find Darec first on her own. Daynel continued to run, how was she supposed to know that he was crazy? She tripped over a root and goes flying her scream choked down as she got a mouth full of dirt. She cringed as pain shoots through her head, spitting out both dirt and blood from biting the inside of her mouth. She scrambled up looking behind her as her heart jumped into her throat. The air was still; the quieted forest now seemed loud with agitated noise. The animals of the night seem to have awakened to bear witness to her attack. Her fear intensified, as the noise seemed to increase with each frantic beat of her heart. She zigzaged through the brush cursing herself. Why such a small spell? She knew more detrimental magyk. She had to get her nerves under control pausing she grasped her head a headache threatening as she realized she was utterly lost.

“Sire!” She yelled frantically knowing that Darec would find her faster but at the same time hoping that Sire Baelor or Alce would hear her and reach her first. “Sire Des—”

The way he held her head, her neck felt as if it would tear from her shoulders.

 “Always running your mouth!” Darec growled from behind her. Daynel whimpered as he gripped her face harder. “This is why I don’t like you!”

Daynel shrieked as he hit her twice then threw her down onto the ground. He straddled her locking his hands around her throat.

She clawed his arms trying to loosen his grip to no avail as the pressure increased.

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