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Nae Doashe



Tyrus stood there, stiff with anger, his glare glued to Darec’s back as he walked off. His heart’s rapid beat drowned out the Young Lord’s fading grumbling. How he wanted to show Darec how beastial he could be. Tyrus remained still, a hard knot in his chest, the product of his denied anger, painfully expanding.

“How long are you going to hide there?” He asked annoyed.

 At first there was no activity and then the brush ahead of him began to move. She emerged slowly her eyes on the ground as she moved toward him.

“I … I’m impressed with your restraint.” Tirin said softly.

He made an irritated noise and then turned away. “It was only because you were there.”

Silence hung in the air like a thick fog. she knew how perturbed he was, he had always hated being spied on. “Are you mad?”

Tyrus looked at her abruptly startling her a bit. “What do you think?” He snapped. “Because of you, I could not…” He sighed as he watched her bow her head. He curled his tail about him. “Tirin … I am sorry. I did not mean to…”

 “It’s okay.” She mumbled. “If it makes you feel any better part of me had hoped that you would hurt him; Regardless of his position.” She looked at him. “As much as he has hurt you…”

“And you?” He gave her a sidelong glance.

She turned away from him her body tensing with a combination of emotions. Slowly she turned back to face him. “Yes.” She raised her chin defiantly. “Are you ashamed that your heart longs for someone so vindictive?”

The fact that she knew of his feelings for her now; proved enough to calm his anger. In fact it filled him with slight humiliation, but there was no turning back now.

  “After all he has done to you … I would expect no less.” He answered quietly.

They stood there silently for a moment before she ran to him, embracing him and holding his head inches from her own, nose to nose.

She swallowed hard. “All because I thought it was all too good to be true and that this wouldn’t last.” She watched as Tyrus licked his nose. “I’m sorry for not realizing my feelings for you sooner, Tyrus, …But I … I can never…accept Darec's proposal...the water at the forced me to remember what he did...”

 She let herself fall against him, burying her fingers in to his fur. She felt him take a slow breath before lowering his head to rest upon hers. “I do feel a sort of desperation … but it’s for you…”

Tyrus just sat there in shock at the fact that she was being affectionate with him and while he was in lupine form. How foolish he suddenly felt for thinking that she would be disgusted and ashamed to do such a thing even though wolf and elf were the same.

 She put her hands on either side of his head. “Revert.”

Tyrus gave her a strange look as he heard her words in his head and in his ears. Comforting warmth spread through him before he felt his body going through its phases. He looked at her surprised as she stood up and goes back to the bushes of which she emerged from to retrieve what appeared to be his clothing. She knew his ‘curse’ was not a ‘curse’!

With her back turned, Tirin tossed his clothing to him then began to explain what brought her out there.

“I was only being nosy.” She admitted. “I had no idea of what I was going to witness when I followed the both of you out here. I knew that Darec had always wanted to see you change, I didn’t know you were going to be out here berating each other.” She then sighed deeply and hesitated a bit before saying more. “Darec stepped on me in his rush to pursue you, so I assumed that to be his reason in following you.”

Tyrus stifled a laugh as he finished dressing.

“You may turn around.” He said shaking out his hair. “How long have you known?” He said moving toward her. She gulped.

“Yu-you’re not angry, are you?” She backed off but not before he caught her wrist. “It wasn’t for too long. I…wasn’t trying to keep it from you!” She whimpered as he pulled her toward him. She watched his black claws curl about her arm. Their pointed tips caressing tingling trails along her skin.

“Tirin, you have nothing to worry about, I just want to know.” He informed her seeing her apprehension. “How did you figure it out?” His other hand wrapped about her other arm. Her breath stuck in her throat.

“I –It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think your curse is a true one … I think it’s more or less your own true talent, your gift from the Grand Ao'lean. It's an ability passed through your family. More than likely skipping a generation or two and evolving with time.” She swallowed as his eyes stared into hers. “Ah … I also think that by interfering I may have…muddled it.”

He cocked his head in mild confusion. “Muddled?” He watched as she searched his face. “It’s more than likely my fault that you can’t control your transformations.” She averted her eyes feeling guilty. “I know you know about my trips at night … to Wonderlost … I found a book of spells long ago and have been practicing from it since before I helped you. It’s the safest place for my experimenting, but whatever I did to you I included myself. I seem to have taken some of your gift and incorporated it into myself as well. Aspects of your gift become mine and when you change they increase in sensitivity again.”

Tyrus pulled her closer to him and heard her whisper breathlessly. “Oh, Tyrus.” It brought a slow smile to his face. He found himself suddenly remembering a term from an ancient poem, one that had three meanings of love. Nae Doashe: My heart; my life; my everything. He didn’t understand why, but the phrase wanted to spring from his lips in reference to her.

 “I am in love with you.” She whispered. He smiled broadly and watched as she daintily fanned herself with her hand. He grew alarmed when she swooned and lowered her carefully to the ground. Cradling her to his chest as she fought to regain composure.

“What are you doing to me?” She whispered as he caressed her face. “Why am I feeling this way all of a sudden?”

Tyrus laughed and then he shook his head. “I am doing nothing to warrant this reaction … I think it is because you are over excited.”

She took a deep breath trying to steady her nerves agreeing silently. “I … I realized my feelings before you left the Comne. I don’t know why it…”  

Tyrus kissed her forehead silencing her. He observed her wide eyes as she watched him pull back a little to gauge her reaction.  She wasn’t trying to get away from him and his courage strengthen as he held her against him. He felt her breath hitch when he kissed the side of her and traced a line across her cheek with his finger. Her eyes shut slowly when he raised her chin, watching until the last moment as he kissed her full on the lips.

For a glacial moment they remained that way. He could hear his heart loudly in his chest; he could feel hers beating the same rhythm against his chest. His paranoia faded, his fears and doubts left him as she accepted him as he was. Saying so with her own beautiful mouth pressed against his as she wrapped her arms about him.

The kiss came to an end and he watched her duck her head bashfully, trying to hide the bright smile on her face.

They sat there silently holding each other in the bright light of a full moon with the sounds of the night’s forest comforting them.

“When did you find out that you weren’t cursed?” Tirin asked finally as she looked up into his content face.

Tyrus’ grin widened as she did. “After I reunited with Alce. He explained everything to me when I finally made myself go to see Bayne…” He trailed off a bit, his smile faltered some as he remembered that Darec had kissed her. She sat up, as she knew that look.


“Darec kissed you when ...that is why I left…” He started and paused as her slight worry turned into what looked to be relief.

“ you did see that.” She patted his face before she leaned back against him. She smiled at his admittance to spying on her. That he had left her because of jealousy. “In your rush to abandon me you missed me slap the Young Lord for his lewd behavior.” She wrapped his arms back about her.

“You slapped him?”

Tirin nodded frankly pausing in thought. “Twice."

Tyrus looked at her in surprise and a bit impressed. his brows furrowed in concern. “Did-?”

“He didn’t hit me, he …." She held her face as she remembered the Comne. “Tyrus, I wish that night had never ended. I …” They sat in silence once again as both knew that nothing could be done about that.

“So what did Alce have to say about your ... issue?” Tirin inquired.

Tyrus squeezed her and smiled. “That it is not a curse, but an old and altered gift from the Grand Ao'lean.”

She made a pleased noise. “Really? So I was right!”

“This is my gift.” He agreed. “Originally, I was to permanently become a lupine monster. Able to augment my wolf form, but unable to become myself again.”

Tirin looked at him in surprise. “What?”

Tyrus hugged her, “I am not entirely sure as to how Alce knows all this from just one visit, but he said that we have a connection, a bond of some sort. This connection let us know of the other, I do not know exactly how it works or its extent. To be truthful, I became angry with you, thinking that this had been your way of repaying me for all the hell I put you through by making me feel the way I do about you, making me a slave in a way, but Alce informed me otherwise.” He caressed her face as she sat in his arms in awe. “He said it is you that made it possible for me to revert back. He did not explain that you and I would make an unconscious trade, some of your humanity for some of my lupine aspects; I do not think he knows this. But you are the reason I can still call myself an Elf.” He pondered a little before he hugged her again. “He told me that I can control it if I wanted to.”

“Extraordinary.” She whispered.

“What?” He raised a brow as she stared at him.

“In all this time of our acquaintance you have never talked so much!” She grinned when he rolled his eyes at her. She then became pensive.

 “As far as this connection … will I…?”

Tyrus shrugged. “Besides the heightened senses you experience now, I do not think you will begin changing form or growing hair.”

Tirin gently stood up from him and then waited for him to stand along with her. When he did she put her hands behind her back and looked thoughtfully at him. “So … you can control your change?”

He nodded, “And apparently so can you.” He smiled. “The reason for my having aspects of my alter form, the teeth, the nails, the senses. Alce said: That I had to free the wolf every now and then. Because I refused it for so long it began to  ... bleed through, to find other ways to release itself.”

The suspicious smirk growing on her lips hinted at mischief.

“Tirin.” He said warningly.

“Now that you can control it,” She moved toward him. “You won’t think or believe that you’ll hurt me anymore?”

Tyrus’ face dropped. “What?” The vividness of his nightmares came rushing back to him. Is their connection that strong that she could see his dreams?

“The nightmare you have almost every other night.” She paused. “You’ve screamed my name several times … followed with ‘what have I done!’”

Tyrus looked away from her, ashamed. He always believed that he was able to wake himself before they got too bad. Neither did he know that he spoke so clearly in his sleep. “I thought … I did not know…”

Tirin hugged him saying nothing.

“I no longer believe that I can harm you.” He mumbled into her hair before kissing the top of her head.

“You should know that sometimes … I‘ve entered your room when you are in the throes of a nightmare … that's how I know.”

He sighed, for some strange reason relieved. He hugged her tightly. “We really should be returning to camp.” He grinned as she groaned.

“Do we have to?” She whined.

He nodded. “Right after I kiss you. Nae Doashe.”

Tirin felt warm all over as he said the last. He started in to kiss her when there was a shrill shriek. They both looked at each other knowing that it had to be Daynel. Without a word, both rush toward the scream.


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