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Baelor crashed through the brush as he heard the shriek; Alce and the others close behind him as he followed the echo. His heart couldn’t take it if Tirin was in trouble, again. He prayed silently as they ran, vowing to never let her go anywhere without protection. If he was not with her she would go nowhere, if Tyrus was not with her she could go nowhere. Even if Darec wasn’t with …

Baelor couldn’t believe what he was seeing; it was as if the boy was possessed. His eyes had a crazed look while he seemed only concerned with killing Daynel. Darec’s sleeves have been ripped away by Daynel’s clawing revealing deep furrows that bled freely. Baelor finally moved as Daynel’s arms fell limply to either side.

“Darec!” Baelor yelled as he ran at him. The Young Lord turned, his wild countenance changing as he was startled and sent flying when the older elf kicked him.

“It’s not what you think!” Darec screamed hysterically clutched his side. “She attacked me!” He watched as Baelor began to give aid to Daynel.

Darec watched while the red head was revived quickly revealing that she had feigned death, to his dismay. He yelled as he started back toward Baelor and Daynel to finish what he started.

Baelor pulled his blade free when the Guards, Zeph and Rane, appeared. Not sure of what was going on yet knowing the Young Lord’s temper they restrained him. He struggled wildly to get loose to no avail.

 “She’s possessed or something!” He screamed, his self-control failing even more so.

Alce and Evergreen finally showed up to see Daynel slowly sitting up as if from a fitful sleep, Sire Baelor armed and ready and the two Guards holding Darec.

“What is going on here?” He asked approaching Baelor. The older elf soundlessly pointed at Daynel who slowly turned to face him. He froze when he saw the angry red blotches about her neck and bruised face then looked to Darec whose shirt sleeves were in ribbons and the skin beneath scarlet with blood

“It looked ahs if you wahre right, lahve.” Evergreen remarked seeing the same.

Alce shook his head a confusion of emotions within, he was excited that his theory had been correct but appalled at how it had proven itself.

“He was right about what?” Zeph asked guardedly.

Alce walked over to the hysterical Darec and observed him closely. “This rotten brat’s like his mother.” He watched as Darec stilled his angst. “He’s a Furii.”

Darec looked frantically from Alce to Baelor. He shook his head.

Baelor’s eyes widened in shock. “Are you sure?”

Alce nodded. “It’s yet to take over yet, but he’s …”

“No, you fool! Th –that’s not it at all!” Darec struggled with the two Guards as they have suddenly increased their hold of him. “Daynel ….She was trying to …”

Alce glared at him. “Don’t deny your heritage, boy.” He snapped. “Your words aren’t believable even if I were wrong.” He walked away from him a small smile on his face. “And I’m not.”

Darec released a small strangled ‘no’ before falling to his knees. Was he like his mother? Did he inherit what killed her? He grabbed his head threatening to pull his hair out. Was he a Furii?

Tirin and Tyrus observed in shock as they approached, while Darec seemed to be losing his mind. Falling to the ground his hands wrapped about his head as if it pained him. Tyrus urged her to be silent as she started to make the others aware of their presence. She turned to ask why when he pointed to her father. She saw him helping Daynel to her feet. Tirin gasped as she saw the bruises on Daynel’s face and the condition of her clothing. Had Darec done that? She looked at the hysterical Darec and noticed the still bleeding furrows through the tatters of his sleeves and forced Tyrus to follow her.

“What’s happening?” Tirin asked as she and Tyrus approached.

Darec looked up to see Tirin and Tyrus walking toward Baelor, with Tyrus holding her hand.

 He exploded.

Alce watched almost alarmed as the Young Lord attacked both Rane and Zeph, quickly taking them down with violent accuracy. “She’s mine! I told you, she’s--!”

Tyrus started to meet Darec head on when something forced him back. They all observed as Alce’s hands danced for a moment before Darec went flying. He slammed into a tree and seemed stuck to it.

Alce grinned as he admired his handy work although his magykal energy was still low he could already feel the strain. “Not a chance, boy. Tirin has more sense than that.”

Darec kicked and raved like a lunatic. “No!” He screamed. “She is mine! I’ve already had her!”

Alce’s face dropped as did his concentration and for a second Darec was free. Falling to the ground with a painful thud not realizing what was happening till Alce got his wits back about him and pinned him to the spot he fell.

Tirin looked from Darec to her father who looked at Darec confused. “What?”

Darec’s eyes go wide as he realized what he had said. He remained quiet.

Alce brushed loose strands of hair back feeling suddenly nauseous. “S-Sire …”

Baelor started toward Darec then stopped halfway turning to look at Tirin.


“He… he’s the o-… one you’re …” Daynel croaked then swallowed hard. “He raped her.”

“Daynel!” Alce hissed alarmed at her readiness to reveal all.

Baelor’s eyes were wide with disbelief as he looked at his daughter. Tirin couldn’t meet his gaze finding the ground a more welcoming sight.

Evergreen started for Alce as her love suddenly and startlingly fell out of character. Acting like a small child caught kicking the family dog.

“It was my fault, Sire … it was when I was weaker. Darec took a vial of sleeping …”

Baelor looked at him so coldly Alce quieted. “So in your fear you ran away instead of coming to inform me or …”

Alce looked to Tirin for aid but she was still enthralled with the ground.

“Believe me Sire; had I known that he would do such … I didn’t know he was going to hurt her!” He pleaded. “I …I was in the woods…waiting for her…we … I couldn’t do anything then…”

“Is this true, Cattea?” He took a step toward her and watched her back off, hiding behind Tyrus. “You said you weren’t …” He looked at Tyrus and watched the boy raise his chin boldly.

 “You knew didn’t you?” Baelor strode over to them hearing Tirin whimper as he did. Tyrus took one step back as the older elf stood in front of him. “Of course you knew!” He growled. “You stayed in my house, ate my food, and took advantage of my charity and you kept this from me?” Baelor raged.

Tirin watched as her father’s fist tightened. “No, father, don’t!”

Tyrus pushed her back before Baelor hit him. He rocked back a little his hand going to his mouth as the pain fogged his sight some. He tried to shake it off as he saw Baelor getting ready for another when he watched Tirin stand between them. She pushed Baelor back.

 “You will not hit him again!” She cried. “If you need to hit anyone it should be me. I’m the one who lied to you --”

He slapped her, silencing whatever else she was going to say. Baelor looked at his daughter then Tyrus who still held his mouth. “I can’t … how could you keep this from me?” He hissed at her. “Not only that but you actually befriended him, had me believing that you three had become the best of friends! Moreover, you lied to me! You said you weren’t raped!” He turned away from her and glared at Tyrus, “And you! His sidekick for the longest allied with that, that Mubeswae! You abused my hospitality, my taking you in--”

“Sire Desgjin, I did not mean for any of--”

“Tyrus has no loyalty to Darec; he hasn’t for a long time.” Tirin looked at him with tears in her eyes while still holding her face. “But you have taken his respect for you and threw it in his face, just now.”  

“Tirin!” Both Tyrus and Baelor said in unison.   

“You shouldn’t take advantage of Tyrus’ loyalty to you! That’s not fair!” She yelled. “The pregnancy was not his doing...because of my anger I tried a spell I had no right to try! It took my memory of the whole ordeal...up until the Comne. Father, the water made me remember, it’s not that I was trying to keep it from you...I had no idea till then."

 Baelor just glared at her for a moment. The silence stretched uncomfortably for what felt like forever and then he grabbed her and hugged her tightly. “What makes you so special that you can take these who have treated you so badly and befriend them?” He kissed his daughter’s ear as he continued. “I love you so much, Cattea, have watched you struggle with the likes of them throughout the years.” He shook his head not wanting to look at either Darec or Tyrus. “Not interfering because you never asked, but for you to keep this from me, it will be some time before I can get over this.” He swallowed urging her to follow as he whispered. “So… what you were telling me in the Garden?”

 “Yes.” She whispers.

Tears threaten as he nodded. She hugged him tightly shaking her head.

“Father, that was my own doing, it was a spell gone wrong … I can explain that …” He sighed somewhat relieved yet still a little disturbed. Baelor patted her on her head then turned his eyes finding Darec quickly. “And you!” He said in a deadly tone, his anger rising again quickly. Alce watched rightfully afraid as Baelor moved through the Guards as if they weren’t there as he goes after Darec. His sword free, Baelor was going to punish or kill the Young Lord as would have been his right if Darec were anybody else’s son.

Evergreen was his only obstacle.

Baelor glared evilly at the girl watching as she stood her ground her own weapon by her side.

“Move, child.” He said simply raising his weapon threateningly.

She shook her head and braced herself. “You need to cahlm yo’self, killin’im will do nahthing bot make it wose fo you.”

“That needn’t concern you …” he started. He watched annoyed as she shook her head again.

“Whaht wood hahppen win yo high lod find thaht his frieend killed his only son? Will he be sympahthetic o will he be vengeful ahs well?”

Baelor stared at her for a long moment then raised his sword yelling any and all curses he knew before stabbing the weapon into the ground besides him. Evergreen’s broadsword remained by her side. They all watched as Baelor moved forward toward Darec his hand a tight fist.  

“You can’t touch me!” Darec struggled to get free keeping an eye on Baelor’s hand as it started to rise. “You can’t touch me!” He screamed.

Baelor stood there in front of him, his face contorted in anger. “You are a waste of flesh!” Baelor snarled. “Your father’s name is shamed with you as a son.” He lowered his arm. “You should not exist and if it was up to me you wouldn’t!”

Darec’s fear was quickly replaced with smugness, the laws guarding his status filling him with arrogance. “So what’s stopping you old man?” He grinned.

“This will kill your father … but he will find out.” Baelor looked at the boy, pity and fury battling it out inside him. “Being his only son, I can’t do anything about it.”

“So in other words get the hell away from me!” Darec looked at the two Guards. “Get over here and release me!”

Alce walked slowly toward the young prince, his eyes colored a deep crimson. They held an evil shine as he moved in front of the two Guards.

“Only those who are loyal to your father and that miserable city can’t touch you.” Alce piped up an odd smile now forming on his face making his cold expression a fearful one.

Darec looked at him his smugness fading. “You … you can’t…”

 “I have no loyalty to either.” Alce finished as he moved closer.

“Rane! Zeph! Restrain him!” Darec’s voice cracked. He watched as both Guards turned their backs to his horror.

Alce smiled his eyes flashing a range of colors. “I don’t think anyone will mind if I take what’s rightfully mine.”