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Daynel smiled secretly at the battered Darec as they walked back to camp. She didn’t think she would feel as pleased as she did when Alce began beating on him. But she did. She saw it in Tirin’s face as well.

Daynel dropped her head. If only she had been there. Regardless of how she felt about Tirin’s humanity, she would have stopped him from doing that. She knew, in her heart, that she would have gone as far as using her skills on their Young Lord to prevent him from doing something so vile. She took a deep breath, her throat still a little sore from Darec’s attempt to kill her. She knew it would be a while before her feelings for the Young Lord totally faded, but she did not care. She would free herself of him.

They paraded back through the woods toward camp in silence. Darec, bound and gagged, was being led by a tether held by Zeph. Daynel caught his glare again and found slight enjoyment in sticking her tongue out at him. Darec’s growl was muffled as he walked between his Guards.

Alce is the happiest they have ever seen as he practically skips back with Evergreen in tow. Tyrus and Tirin brought up the rear with Baelor keeping step behind them. Tyrus looked up from Tirin to find Daynel looking at him. He let his eyes speak for him and thankfully she understood. Daynel walked back toward them and took Tirin’s hand. Tirin looked at the red head surprised.

“Tirin … can I talk to you?”          

Tirin smiled warily and then nodded. Daynel grinned and then led her away giving a quick glance to Tyrus.

Tyrus bowed his head as his pace slowed.

“I’m not apologizing for hitting you, Tyrus.” Baelor said unsurprised. “You deserved that and more.” He watched as Tyrus sighed.

The younger elf looked him square in the eyes. “I am not looking for an apology, Sire. I am the one who should be apologizing. I did take advantage of your hospitality when not being honest with you, but you do understand that I do plan on taking something else as compensation for my pain and humiliation.

Baelor looked at him in disbelief. “You are over stepping your boundaries, son!” He snapped.

“No, Sire. I am not. True, I kept a secret from you after all you have done for me, but only because of Tirin. For me to betray the trust of your daughter would have been far worse than your anger with me now.”

Baelor looked toward his daughter amused as she was watching him as well. “You may be correct in that assumption. You are more than just a friend to her. To lose your loyalty would’ve crushed her.” He looked back at Tyrus. “But do not assume that all is forgiven, you knew this secret far before you befriended my daughter and you could’ve told me then. I assume your alliance to Darec prevented you fro--”

“Yes, it did. But reluctantly.” Tyrus answered. “Sire, I wish for you to forgive me and to understand that I meant no disrespect. I hold you in high reverence, far higher than that of our High Lord.” He looked away, “No one has done more for me than you or Tirin, and this is something I will never forget.”

Baelor raised a brow in growing surprise as at first he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him or that the light of the moon was causing an illusion, but as he looked Tyrus’ face was growing flush. Was this really a blush?

“I take it the flood gate of your emotions has finally taken all they can.” He almost smiled. “What is it that you want for retribution?”

“Your confidentiality.” He looked at him pleadingly. “I would like your daughter’s hand…” He trailed off as Baelor stopped in his tracks. “Sire Desgjin, please do not make me beg.”

Baelor looked at him in disbelief. “Make you beg?” He wanted to laugh, but knew the boy was already too humiliated now to handle it. “Make you beg?” He asked again incredulously. “Tyrus, you and Tirin were meant for each other. Neither of you realized it, but rest assured I did.”

He put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “I know the hell you went through with your curse. I know about the nightmares you suffered, boy.” He smiled slightly when Tyrus bowed his head just enough to shield his face with his unbound hair. “However I also know the love you showed my daughter despite your need to wall in your emotions.” Baelor waited until Tyrus peered at him through his curtain of hair. “Watching you two was the most aggravating thing a father could go through. The both of you were agonizing over things that you had no control over yet finding relief in each other without even knowing it. Make you beg.” This time he did laugh. “You have tortured yourselves enough.”

He gently turned Tyrus back toward camp ready to resume their walking. “But I am curious.” Baelor glanced over at Tyrus whose mouth simply hung open. “Why is this secret?”

Tyrus swallowed then took a breath. “Tirin does not know …I am not ready for her to know my desire just yet.” He took another breath as he looked at the old Imperial. “I have nothing…to give …”

Baelor shook his head, frowning. “Not true.”

“Sire. I cannot live in the house my mother died in.” He paused and then pulled a clawed hand through his curls nervously. “I have no occupation, no income…”

“All you have to do is ask…” The older elf sighed before starting again. “But something tells me that Tirin won’t be staying in Ao'lean.”

Tyrus raised an eyebrow.


Tirin feigned listening with amazement at all that Daynel was telling her. Starting with a heartfelt apology, the redhead continued on and on and on about what she had gone through throughout the years. Tirin wanted to be a courteous listener but was unable to keep up with her incessant babbling. Daynel’s words end up going in one ear and out the other without pause. Tirin continued to allow the other girl to lead her by her arm behind the two guards and Darec. Carefully picking the right pauses to nod at, she kept her attention on the two men trailing behind the group. She couldn’t help but worry as Tyrus’ unbound hair hid his face and her father wore the biggest grin she has ever seen. She gave a quick glance to Alce and groaned slightly as the young mage’s smile mirrored that of her father’s. His pleased pink eyes quickly turned a vicious red as he stopped suddenly. Tirin paused to ask what was wrong when she sensed it as well.

Baelor and Zeph stop dead in their tracks before looking at each other.

There was not a sound. The waking fauna was now dead silent.

“Someone invoked a major spell.” Alce hissed his red eyes scanning the surrounding trees.

Tirin shivered suddenly, shaking her head as she gripped Daynel’s arm tightly causing the girl to whimper.


Rane looked at her with concern. “Lady Tirin?”

Baelor watched as his daughter shuddered again shaking her head, while she looked about frantically. “What is it, Cattea?”

“How could I forget? How could I forget?” She looked at her father. “Goblins, father, Goblins live here!”

Their reaction was immediate. Baelor and Zeph drew their swords as Rane grabbed Daynel and Tyrus grabbed Tirin. All of them are running.

“Gib me ah sord!” Darec yelled around his gag and Alce laughed despite himself.

“Not likely, you crazy--!”

The woods was suddenly filled with terrifyingly shrill cries.

“Alce!” Baelor yelled only to be answered with a shake of his head.

“I’m still too weak at the moment.” His red eyes trained onto the redhead. “Daynel use your recall spell!”

Her eyes were wide with fear. She whimpered before answering. “I-I don’t know! Maybe…but it won’t give us much distance----!”

“It’ll bring us closer to the horses, Lady Daynel.” Rane informed her and nodded appreciatively as she immediately began to chant her spell.

“Ah thought magyk ahttracted dem…?” Evergreen started confused.

They all paused when Daynel motioned for Rane to drop her. She placed her hand on the ground and cried out alarmed as the spell failed to encircle all of them.

“No!” Daynel, Darec and Rane vanished in a flash of flames leaving everyone else.

Baelor grabbed his daughter from Tyrus surprising the both of them.

“Change,” he hissed to the boy. “Now!”

Tyrus looked at him in surprise. “Sire?”

“I know you can control it, change now and get my daughter out of here!” He watched as the boy nodded removing his tunic with a swipe of rapidly lengthening claws.

Evergreen watched as Tyrus shredded his trousers shedding them quickly before falling to all fours. Tyrus tripled in size, the freakish wolf they had gotten used to seeing replaced quickly by an even more monstrous wolf form. Glowing violet eyes, large protruding fangs that pushed passed his thin lips, his fore body was mostly fur, wild and abysmal black intermingled with obsidian scales the gave off an iridescent sheen as it covered his hind quarters and tail tapering it into a razored point. Baelor tossed his daughter onto the wolf daemon’s back and watched them speed off.

“This is a trap.” Alce informed them.

 “You knew she wouldn’t get all of us, didn’t you.” Zeph looked at the blond elf who nodded.

“Sorry, but yes.” He pulled out a pouch. “We’re surrounded…the spell used to attract them---.”

“Is mine.”

They all looked about them the forest filled with chilling whoops and yips of the evil beasts that lived here. Baelor froze when he spied the owner first.

“It’s been a long time, Baelor.”

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