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The wind picked up and quickly tapered off into a breeze. The scent of honey and caphony flowers surrounded him as it rode it. Tyrus cocked his head confused, what was Tirin doing in the forest? Today was a Comne and she knew she was to remain home. He breathed in the scent of her perfume deeply. It was thin which meant that she was some distance from him and he needed to change that quickly before she left the area.

It didn’t take him long to locate her as her sobs led him straight to her. He approached her quietly as she sat at the base of a tree, curled up with her arms covering her head. He knelt down beside her and started to greet her.

With a shrill scream Tirin shoved him away and scrambled to her feet as she felt his breath on her arm. Tyrus bit his lip at the sudden urge to laugh as he moved quickly to intercept her as she took off blindly.

“Tirin!” He grabbed her from behind by her shoulders and turned her about. “Tirin, it is I!” He doesn’t feel the smile that surfaced upon his face as she finally looked at him.

She sighed, resting her head against his chest and hugged him. His smile faltered as his breath caught in his throat. He could feel the frantic beat of her heart as she pressed him against her. Tirin released him as she turned to look behind them back toward Ao'lean. She didn’t even notice the strange look that was on his face. Tirin faced him again her relief changing to mock anger as she punched him playfully in the stomach.

“What’re you trying to do? Give me a heart attack?” Tirin turned and found another spot at the base of another tree. She looked at him suddenly smiling, because what she thought was a trick of her mind was true. “Why, Tyrus. You’re smiling!”

She watched him try to relax his face and the smile vanished, but then without warning it reappeared.

“I cannot seem to help it.” He shrugged when he moved to stand over her. “Why are you out here and what has Darec done now?”

Her grin faltered as the seriousness of today took over. “What he’s always done.” She sighed. “Open his mouth when he shouldn’t.”

Tyrus looked at her confused and for a moment she loses her train of thought when his larger than normal, violet eyes seem to swallow her.

“Are you going to explain what it was he said or is it a secret?”

She snapped out of his spell, not realizing that she had been staring. “Um … Well he... He just made me realize what a fool I’ve been all this time.” She frowned. “Trying to be accepted as one of you when no matter what gift I possess it won’t change what I am.”

Tyrus saw her face cloud over and her mouth working soundlessly before she looked up from her fidgeting hands. “He … “

Then without warning she burst into more tears. Tyrus moved quickly, putting his arms around her and held her. For the moment not realizing that he’s never touched her this way and that she might find it suddenly strange that his usual icy character now had compassion. All he did care about was whatever Darec had said was causing her grief.

“What did he say, Cattea?” The word meant ‘little bird’ and she couldn’t help but to smile a little, her father called her that often and she found it strange yet oddly comfortable that Tyrus used it as well. Her little smile faded some as she saw the look on his face. It was a look that promised some-type of violent action, more than likely toward Darec. 

She wiped her eyes a halfhearted laugh barely escaping. “No, it’s not really his fault that I’m crying. He was only stating the obvious or what should’ve been.” She wiped away the last of her tears. “I’m human and no matter what I do I will always be.” She patted his face watching warily till that protective look faded. “He just reminded me that the Comne wasn’t just for showing off talents, but to see who was …” She pouted as she lost her voice to emotion.

“What?” Tyrus whispered. She unfolded her legs and stretched them out very unlady-like.

“To see who was attracted to whom.” She looked at him pitifully.

Tyrus pulled back. “Oh. That.” He looked away. “Forgive my ignorance.”

“Ignorance is right.” She looked at him.

He scratched his head and looked up at the sky. “Now I am in trouble with you.”

She shook her head. “I’ll never understand why you do what you do to yourself. Alienate yourself from everyone at every Comne, even I don’t do that. Even with your curse you have something to look forward to in your future. Isn’t there anyone you’re attracted to?”

He turned away from her, his blithe disposition dimming. “Who would want a dog for a husband?” He stated quietly. “My curse is not the sole reason I have lost interest in the Comne, but because of the stupid pride of this place. They all only care about what someone else would think.” He looked at her. “You on the other hand have a number of young men interested in you, even though human you…”

“Have less of a chance than you do, apparently. As none of them are brave enough to make the attempt to ask. You still have the choice of taking a bride, if you could ever get over your selfishness.” She looked at him annoyed. “I can’t convince anyone here to take a chance on me.”

Tyrus simply looked at her.

“Tyrus, I’m human! What elf in their right mind would want to get into a relationship only to suffer heartache in a couple of decades?” She crossed her arms over her chest. “Even if someone was to show interest in me could I dare to be selfish and see it through to marriage? Elves can live for several hundreds of years. Humans can barely live over a hundred. I’m frail as it is, Tyrus, when I’m sixty I will become only a burden to them as they will still be able to do things that a youth can do.”

Tyrus shook his head. “You really should not think of it that way. You do not know what the future holds for you.” He stood up from her. “Being that you have a talent and the Grand Ao'lean will recognize it even though you are human…”

Tirin looked at him in shock. She doesn’t remember saying anything about having magyk to him.

“You implied, I assumed.” He said seeing her worry.

She thought she was more guarded than normal with her words. She fidgeted nervously; she didn’t think she could take it if Tyrus turned against her. “Are … are you …?”

He knelt down beside her. “I am not afraid or any other negative emotion you could think of. I am happy for you.” He stood back up and leaned against the tree, the sudden urge to caress her face strong. “This is why you are really running out on the Comne, is it not?”

She looked up at him, “They’ll hate me, and I know it! There is no story that they have that shows a human being sane with magyk. They’ll jump to the conclusion that I’ll go mad and have me thrown out.”

“Your father would not hear of it. Besides, Bayne is human. She is not crazy nor is she evil…”

“Have you forgotten that she cursed you?” Tirin gave him a look of confusion as he was speaking well of the witch.

He shrugged, “I brought that upon myself. She is in the swamps for privacy, I trespassed, and she punished me.” He replied humbly.

They are silent for a while. Tirin thinking on how could she go back when she could easily be banished? Tyrus just watched her fret. Finding it rather selfish of himself that he wanted her to go back so he could watch the faces of all of those gathered. To watch them realize that they were not as special as they thought. That the Barryn thought this wonderful human girl more special as it allowed her the rights they took for granted.

“Have you told your father?”

She looked at him and laughed. “I didn’t really give myself a chance to think this through.”

They were silent again but for a short period as she rounded up the courage to ask her next question. 

“Tyrus?” She paused because she found her fingers were entangled in her skirt.

Tyrus smiled inwardly. “Yes?” He knew her question was going to be something that would embarrass her. Probably going to ask the names of her other admirers, he knew of a few, but …

“Do you find me attractive?” She asked suddenly, her earthy complexion reddening a bit with a blush as she looked at him.

He blinked. He doesn’t know what to say. “I…” He swallowed; dare he tell her the truth? Is she asking in response to his uncharacteristic concern earlier or was she just inquiring? He couldn’t lie to her either way. As he got ready to answer she stood up. 

Tirin watched rather disappointed, as his face remained as stony as always beneath his wild, midnight hair. She almost laughed aloud at herself for expecting more.


“Really?” She couldn’t control shock that filled her face. She watched him nod becoming almost alarmed when his stony façade softened and his golden skin flushed. She was confused with this reaction. The only expression Tyrus ever made clear since his being cursed was one of annoyance with everyone. Now his eyes were full of something she wasn’t quite sure what to make of. She paused, what did this mean?

“As a full blooded elf, do you think you could marry me?” She asked quietly. “Would you take me as a life mate?” Her stomach flipped and her heart did a strange rhythm in her chest as for the first time she saw Tyrus for more than just the caring friend and self-appointed bodyguard. How handsome he was in his own dark way.

Tyrus realized that he was taking a chance. Could he tell her, would he tell her that he loved her?

“Yes.” He nodded again.

Was this the way he truly felt or was he just saying it to be nice? 

Tirin swallowed hard but forced herself to continue this torture. “You could with your whole heart risk your heart to love me? Knowing that my years are far shorter than your own?” She tried to back away fearing that he might be able to sense her sudden confusion as somehow he had acquired her hand. She becomes paranoid, thinking that he could hear her heart pounding in her chest.

Tyrus took a breath of excitement as she looked nervously at him. He could hear her heart and it only excited him. Was she secretly in love with him as well? He was going for it. He was going to tell her, right here, right now.

“Tirin, I…”

“Should I be jealous?”

Both Tirin and Tyrus jumped at his voice. Darec raises a brow in curious surprise. “Well. I really would like to know what you two were talking about. Tyrus didn’t even hear me … must’ve been a serious conversation.”

Tirin watched growing fearful of Tyrus’ silence as he pulled away quickly. His irritation with Darec’s timing hiding his temporary lack of emotional restraint.

“What were you going to say, Tyrus?” Tirin asked almost pleadingly. Tyrus looked at her and then at Darec. 

“Sire Baelor will be very upset if you do not return home.” Tyrus watched her face fall, saw her disappointment slowly turn into swelling anger. He feels ashamed as she glared at him.

 “Coward.” She whispered heatedly and low enough that only he with his wolf – like hearing could hear. His eyes dropped to the ground. 

“What was that?” Darec asked.

Tirin looked at him. “Go away, both of you!” She turned and stormed off. Tyrus started after her only to be stopped by Darec.

“I’ll handle it; you’ve seemed to have annoyed her somehow.” Darec smiled.

Tyrus just watched quietly as Darec chased after her. Why did he become suddenly bashful when Darec showed up?

Tirin continued to walk then stopped and whirled about as she heard footsteps. Hoping it was Tyrus coming to apologize she was quite surprised to see Darec standing there.

“Go away!” She snapped.

Darec continued to walk up to her stopping only when he was toe to toe with her. Smiling as she stood her ground and refused to back up.

“I have always loved your stubbornness.”

Tirin looked at him suspiciously. “What?”

He took her hand and grinned into her face. “May I escort you to the Comne?” He then released her hand and wrapped his arms about her waist drawing her closer. “May I be your intaidea?” He asked quietly as he nuzzled her neck boldly. He grinned wider as he felt her body stiffen but she was too shocked to do anything about it.

“My… my, my intended? But, what … I mean,” She swallowed hard as she gently freed herself from him. He watched amused as her wide eyes suddenly narrowed. “I don’t want your pity, Darec.” She snapped after seeing his stupid grin.

“What pity?” He said genuinely confused. “I’m being brutally honest to you about how I feel. Tirin, I want to be with you. Have wanted to be with you for a while now. There’s no pity in the way I feel.”

She looked at him. “One of your jokes, I know it. You know that no one else would dare ask to escort me so you make the ultimate sacrifice and…”

“You really don’t pay much attention to the people you try so hard to impress, do you?” Darec watched her face take on a look of childish defiance. “If you had you would know, probably hear, the talk of who’s going to ask Tirin to the Comne? Why do you think I got up so early to greet you this morning?” He crossed his arms. “I don’t get up that early for breakfast.”

She mimicked his defensive posture, not sure of what was going on as Darec continued. “I’m not the only one, just the smartest.” He moved to take her hand again. “I figured that if I didn’t make my move as early as possible I would lose out to either Josam or Miread.”

“Josam?” She gave him a suspicious look him. “You wouldn’t lie to me would you?” She watched as he shook his head. “Then the answer to your question is ‘No.’” 

Darec’s mouth dropped. “No?”

Tirin nodded, “No.”

He laughed a little. “Why not? I don’t understand.”

Tirin smiled, “All this time I’ve been worried about not impressing anyone and you and Tyrus have both proved me wrong.” She twirled about. “I want to meet these so called suitors you both claim I have.”

He relaxed a little, relieved that that had been what she and Tyrus were talking about. “So you don’t believe us.”

“That and besides what fun would it be if I just took the first offer without even considering others?” She watched his face carefully feeling shamefully pleased when his arrogant grin melted away.

“But it’s not…”

“Fair?” Tirin gave him cold look. “My whole life was unfair.” The feeling of shame grew in her chest forcing her freezing heart to warm up. She sighed. “Darec, honestly I’m more than flattered that you have offered to escort me, but now that I know that you are not the only one … do you know how long I’ve waited … dreamed of having admirers? Being Human and all? You think I want to close the door on something as exciting as this?”

Darec was smiling but she could see that it was a hollow one. Standing frozen in his place not sure of what to do next, as he had never been turned down before. Tirin chewed her lip thoughtfully, “Darec, forgive my selfishness. I want to meet all…” She started to move closer at the same time he does. Wrapping his arms about her again bringing her face to his, he kisses her. She froze in shock, confused, and unable to make herself understand why she did nothing. The kiss ended and she gawked at him for a moment. Her face was practically on fire from the sudden rush of blood. She gave off a strangled squeak before Darec watched her take off running, heading back for home. 

He followed after her at a casual walk, soon running into Tyrus who had remained where they had left him. He stood there with his usual look of indifference. Darec rolled his eyes. “She’s heading home. That’s what you wanted isn’t it?” 

Darec paused as Tyrus growled at him. “But what did you do, why did she seem upset…”

Darec waved his words away, “I have no time to explain myself to you. If you must know, she’s not upset just …excited. I informed her of a few who were taken with her.” Tyrus watched as the Young Lord continued back toward Ao'lean knowing that there was more to the story than he was letting on.

Tirin blindly ran, having no idea that she was heading back home. What was wrong with her? Why did she let him get away with that? If father ever found out … did Tyrus see? She saw the moment over a hundred times in her head as she ran. She couldn’t possibly want him romantically now, could she?

The sound of her boots on stone brought her back to reality as she ran through the square. She came to an abrupt halt as she was less than two hundred yards from the front gate of her home. The urge to scream was so strong! How could that little kiss, that didn’t even mean anything, turn her around? She looked at the windows and saw her father standing in one, watching her. She sighed and the distance between her and home shrank.

Baelor Desgjin watched his daughter walk solemnly into the garden slowly making her way toward the house. How she looked just like her mother! Sire Baelor remembered how hateful he felt toward all humans those many years ago. How the memory of his capture and the torture he and those under his command suffered not only in pain but also in humiliation by those who had caught them. How he and those left; suffered ultimate humiliation when their barbaric captors amputated their sword arms. Infection killed off a few and suicide was their answer for their captors’ promise of slavery. Save him, it was not that he wanted to return to his new wife that he had to leave back in Ao'lean. Nor was it that he was too proud. It was the plain fact that he didn’t want to die.

He had been enslaved for two years to ‘Master’ Borod before he met Zola, Tirin’s mother. They had met in the market. He had been sent on the morning errands. A show of ‘Master’ Barod’s prized Imperial Captain turned lowly slave. She had run into him trying to run from some drunken ruffians. His hatred had turned into indifference and he didn’t care about anything, not even himself. She used him as a shield. Telling her attackers some made up berserker story about him. It worked even though he simply stood there, his arms full of produce. Reluctantly they became friends after that day. He remembered how Zola used to tease him, how she always knew what to say to make him feel better. He sighed, how he missed Zola.

Baelor snapped out of the memory, as the front door slammed shut. He shrugged off the melancholy emotions and headed out to greet his adopted daughter. Tirin watched him move from the library to the top of the stairs. She planted her hands on her hips and stared up at him.

“I’m not going.” She remained silent as her father groaned. She watched him take another deep breath before rolling his eyes. He knew she was going to pull something today. Surprised that she even returned home.

 “Don’t start, Cattea.” He warned.

“Why, father? Why do I have to suffer like this?” She asked pitifully.

“Stop being childish, Tirin. You’re going.” He started down the stairs toward her. “You know the procedure; you know what’s required of you.”

She pouted, childishly crossing her arms in disgust. “I … may … no.” She shook her head. “I’m not going.”

“You had started to change your mind.” He said suspiciously. “What was that about?”

“Darec and Tyrus claim that there are some young men who have romantic interests in me. Despite my outward appearance.”

He smirked amused. “And that surprises you?”

She started to grin shyly then stomped her foot. “No! It doesn’t matter. My not being an elf means…”

“You say any disparaging word concerning yourself and I will spank you.” Baelor said sternly as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

She looked at him full of anger. “I can’t believe you!” she snapped. “What does it matter if I go or not it’s not like anyone will miss me!”  She ran past him and up the stairs.

He groaned as she slammed the door to her room. “Start getting dressed!” He yelled.

“So she came home.” Tyrus said behind him.

Baelor turned to face the younger elf almost startled as the boy made no noise. He had often wondered about Tyrus’ predicament. He saw the changes in his appearance despite his trying to hide them with his unruly black hair.

“So I have you to thank for her return?” Baelor’s earlier smirk broadened and he watched confused as Tyrus shook his head.

“Thank the Young Lord.” He quietly moved up the stairs toward his own room.

“Darec, again.” Baelor sighed as he headed into the den. He headed over to the thick velvet curtains that shut out the afternoon sun and quickly pulled one panel back. “One day, Tyrus, whatever is bothering you about your once closest friend will surface …” He looked out the window. “…and I probably won’t like it.” He moved toward the nearest shelf. The sunlight illuminated the dust motes that floated through the room giving it an ancient feel. The old duskwood shelf groaned low as he pressed his shoulder against the books that filled the fourth shelf. He blindly reached behind the old books, is fingers feeling along the back of the shelving for the small hidden cache.

Baelor smiled as his fingers brushed the worn wood of the small container. He pulled it out into the sunlight revealing a dust covered jewelry box. Its content softly knocking about inside. He opened it and couldn’t help but to smile. Zola would have wanted her to have this on an occasion such as this. He paused, had she lived he wondered where he would be and what would life had held for him. He often wondered what it was that brought her back to him that fateful night and why whoever Tirin’s father was didn’t escort…

Baelor lowers the lid of the jewelry box and took a deep breath.


Tirin considered her reflection in the mirror that had once belonged to her stepmother. The stepmother she never met. Loa Desgjin died two years before Tirin’s birth and from her father’s reactions Loa would not have cared to know of Tirin. This was the reaction she was afraid of. It didn’t matter what Darec or Tyrus said to ease her nervousness she knew that there would be some that would look at her as if she was a daemon. She could still run off without her father’s knowing. Be the coward she so wanted to be. Risk her father going mad with both humiliation and hellish anger.

Tirin closed her eyes and sighed.

She looked at herself in the mirror again this time with full attention trying to be positive. The first time in a long time she had dressed this well. She turned to get a better look at herself, this attire made her look more her age. She could probably get a reaction out of Tyrus with this dress. She grinned at herself, surprised at that thought. Exactly how much did she care for him? Was it more than just amiable and why did these feelings appear now at a time that would prove to be the most trying? Her stomach quivered with a strange fluttery feeling as she recalled Tyrus’ eyes. How he looked at her. Did he really care for her? Had he been talking about how he truly felt or was he simply giving insight on what could happen? She pressed her hands against her stomach thinking she would feel it. The sensation vanished. She exhaled softly and looked at her appearance again in the old mirror.

Tirin tilted her head to the side and smiled at the idea that she had admirers, people who were actually taken with her! The thought that Darec ... she paused, reflecting on what happened in the forest.

Darec himself was taken with her. What was she to do about him? She had to admit that she found it actually appealing that he wanted her, but she didn’t want to want him. Romantic feelings such as this she thought she left behind long ago. She couldn’t possibly feel that way about him now. She knew he had done something to her. Something terrible, but she couldn’t remember. Her inability to react appropriately to his advance scared her as well. She sat down upon the corner of her bed and put on her dress boots. She’s so confused. She wanted to run away yet she wanted to stay, curious to who would dare approach her. She sighed; her life was going to change drastically, either for the good or bad. The thought of actually impressing the young males here enough to warrant their admiration and the actuality of her being banished from the only place she had ever called home because of a gift of magykal ability. Should she stay or should she leave?

A soft knock on the door jarred her from her thoughts. For a moment she simply stared at the handle then answered.

“Come in.”

Slowly the door opened and her father stepped in. He looked younger in his uniform with all his medals and honors. Still, she remained impassive refusing to give him any sign of her approval of his dress. Baelor looked at her at first a little wary and then smiled as he entered the room. “You look beautiful, Cattea.”

“That doesn’t change my mood.” She said quietly.

Baelor moved to sit beside her. “Regardless of your mood Tirin, it gives you no right to ignore you obligations.”

“How is it my obligation?” She stood up from him.

He gave her a stern look and she sat back down. “I’m not going to have any fun.”

He touched her face. “You have not the slightest idea what this evening holds for you.” He watched her give a small nervous laugh. “Tirin, what is it?”

“Nothing …” she trailed off.

“Well since it’s nothing then let’s move on.” He reached into his pocket and removed the small box. “Here.”

She looked at the box then at him. “What is…?”

He pushed the box toward her. “I hold the box for you to open, look.”

She sat there still for a moment then sighed and took the box. It’s old, whatever it is. Its container worn, the supposedly smooth wood covering was weather beaten and cracked, what her father would have described as personality. She lifted the lid of it and something sparkles brightly from its deep hollow. Small stones embedded in a web of fine silver making up a delicate necklace. As she looked at it in awe her attention was drawn to the stones rather than the craftsmanship. The stones she knew all by heart; the bright yellow flaym, the deep bloodstone, a glistening waterbead, the clear star rock, a pitch nightstone. These were oddly brighter than the others, like they had an inner fire. She looked at her father as she lifted the necklace free of its case. A strange tingling traced a line from the ornament down her arm.

“It’s magykal?” She asked as the feeling faded. The stones ranged in sizes and there were six others besides the earlier named, these were strangely muted. Baelor took the necklace and urged her to head to the mirror.

“I have to see you put it on … the necklace is what your mother called a spell catcher.”

She stared at her reflection in the mirror as she opened the latch of the adornment and fastened it about her neck. “My … mother?” she whispered.

“Watch.” He said pointing to the necklace’s reflection. “It’s supposed to protect the wearer as well as catch spells for the wearer to use. The plus to it is that no one else can remove it from your neck except you.”

Tirin‘s eyes widen as the stones seem to rearrange themselves in the web growing brighter then became still. Now the earth’s pearl and the cat’s eye were just as bright as the other five. Baelor cocked his head.

“You’ve been practicing on your own, huh?” He smiled at her knowingly. “You’ve added two more spells.” She just looked at him.

“What does that mean?”

He shrugged, “Honestly I don’t know how it works, but your mother said that it took her twelve years to fill up the first five and you’ve filled two within seconds.”

She looked in the mirror at the necklace again. “That still doesn’t tell me what it does.”

“That is a mystery you will have to solve on your own.”


Tyrus watched, unnoticed from the doorway as Tirin and Sire Baelor discussed her inheritance. He knew how she felt, wishing with all his heart that he had been a better son to his own mother. He could see how Baelor missed Tirin’s mother almost as much as she did. Their relationship being more than just friendly he figured. He could see the hurt in the both of them as they spoke quietly over the necklace. How Tirin wished she could have met her and how Sire Baelor wished she had lived.

Tyrus couldn’t help but to wonder if Tirin’s mother had lived would Baelor have brought her here or taken off for other territories? Was Tirin the product of a forbidden love affair or was she truly someone else’s child? He tied his hair back as he quieted his restless thoughts. These things were not for him to worry about.

Tyrus watched Tirin smile as she touched the necklace. Holding his breath as she unconsciously caressed her neck and shoulders while she admired the way the necklace looked on her. She seemed, for the moment at ease, but he knew what the night held in store for her. How worried she had been in the woods and how worried he was for her. He sighed, the thought that her fears could actually come true. Even though Tirin was as much a part of Ao'lean as the rest of them he knew first hand of their paranoia. The way they treated anyone different from them. His curse was the only thing that made him different and that was more than enough to warrant being shunned. The actuality of her being banished was not farfetched. If her being accepted was seen as a bad omen of some sort they could and more than likely would banish her. Despite whatever argument her father may have or whatever the High Lord could do, the people of Ao'lean would see her exiled. He swallowed. There would be no doubt in their leaving with her.

Tyrus brushed loose strands of hair from his face when the fact of the matter finally hit him. How selfish of him to want her to go through with the whole ritual, to see the Comne and the Barryn through to the end. To watch her suffer the stares and the unnecessary pity from those who never gave her the chance to show them how wonderful she was. Just to see the looked on this town’s collective faces when a human was granted a gift. To be accepted by a tree of great wisdom when it’s people refused to. To revel in their surprise and guilt when the greatest of them all could do nothing to prevent the Grand Ao'lean from seeing her worthy enough to be granted a rite they were given.

Tyrus watched when Tirin turned away from her father for a moment hiding the brief frown. He could sense her confusion, could feel it as if it were his own.  How unsure she was. Then it came to him. He leaned on the low table just outside her room. An attempt to keep her insight as she moved from one area to another. He could escort her to Wonderlost provided she showed him what kept her out at night.

The table slipped beneath his weight giving off a loud noise.

Tirin looked away from her reflection to the door then moved quickly to see who was there.

Baelor watched while she searched the hallway, was there interest between his daughter and Tyrus? He smiled, he knew of Tyrus’ feeling for her even with the boy’s refusal to express himself. The way he carried himself around her spoke loud enough.

“What are you looking for Tirin? Who else could it be?” He stood up from the bed. Maybe he should interfere for the boy and let Tirin know of his feelings.

Tirin turned to see her father in deep thought and grew slightly concerned when his hand came up to stroke his beard.

“What is it?”

Baelor grinned then shook his head. “Nothing, Cattea.”

“I wanted us to go together.” She moved toward the window and watched Tyrus quickly moving through the garden pausing to look briefly up at her window before moving on. She sighed when Baelor walked over and hugged her.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be there.” He wouldn’t meddle in such a delicate matter; he respected the boy too much. If he wanted Tirin to know of his feelings he would tell her in his own time. Baelor sighed, hopefully sometime soon.

Tirin gave a loud and pitiful sigh before dropping her hands to her sides.

“Okay, let’s get this drudgery over with.”

Baelor looked at her warningly before he motioned for her hand.


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