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Time to leave



Darec practically shoved his fist into his mouth to keep himself from yelling out. She had been pregnant? He quickly stood up feeling sick. He had to get out of there.


“How long are you going to hold that one, Tirin?” Baelor continued. “Yes!” He shouted. “I knew about that, too and still you refuse to say anything about it!”

He looked at her. “When you came to me complaining of stomach pains, remember that?”  He grabbed her by her arm and shook her a little. “The Physician told me what was wrong I didn’t want to believe it, but he pointed everything out to me. I told him to keep quiet as I wanted to hear it from you.” He released her. “That was seven years ago Tirin! Seven!”

Tirin couldn’t believe that all this time he knew and said nothing. She didn’t know what to do or say.

“You weren’t ever going to tell me, were you?” He watched as his daughter slowly shook her head. They were silent for only a few seconds before hearing a long eerie howl far off in the distance.

“You should’ve come to me, you should’ve let me help.”

Tirin remained immobile, wringing her hands as he calmed.

“You should’ve given me the chance to help. What happened happened and there’s nothing we can do about that, but for you to keep… my …grandchild away from me…”

“I had no choice…” she whispered trying to think up a way to explain to him what she could remember.

His eyes widen quickly almost threatening to pop from his head. “No choice? Y-you were raped?” He grabbed her again forcing her to face him. “Why would you keep something like that a secret, Tirin? Why would you keep it from me?” He allowed her to pull away from him.

“Father …” the word rape echoed through her like a giant bell. Several reasons popped into her mind why she couldn’t tell him what truly happened then. She hated that she was actually protecting Darec.

“Did he threaten you? To keep you from saying anything?”

“Father …”

“Does he live here?” Baelor’s mind suddenly swam with faces of young elves that could be possible suspects. “Is he close by?”

“Father I wasn’t raped.” She paused

He stood there like a statue. “What.”

Tirin tugged at one of her braids. “I wasn’t raped.”

He was flustered; his face turned red as he paced in front of her. He stopped abruptly startling her a little as he seemed to be fighting with his words.

“Are you …” he choked and closed his eyes as he tried again.

Tirin sighed, “You wouldn’t understand or worse, wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Were you just so in love that you had no choice or are you telling me that you just didn’t …”


“Don’t father me!” He bellowed. “You were barely thirteen!” He paced in front of her.  “I thought for sure that I raised you better than this!”

Tirin looked at him, not sure what to do next.

“What’s his name?”

“Who’s?” Tirin asked genuinely confused.

Baelor rolled his eyes. “The father! What’s his name?”

She backed off as he moved toward her. “There is no father.”

“So he’s dead?” He spat. “This was his last wish or something?” He looked at her incredulously. “To get a mere child pregnant?”

Tirin shook her head, “No, there is no father!”

“Don’t protect him! It doesn’t make your situation any better.” He growled.

“My situation?”

Baelor just continued to pace. “I thought I could trust you, Tirin. Trust you enough not to betray me…”

“I haven’t betrayed you, you’re making this worse than it is!” She yelled, amazed Baelor glared at her and she becomes silent.

“Why did you hide this? I could have helped; we would’ve gotten through this together!”

“You wouldn’t believe me, father.” She pleaded.

He threw his hands up exasperated. “Stop telling me what I would’ve done!” He seethed. “What do you think I am an idiot? Whether I believed it or not I would’ve done all that I could for you.”

She stomped her foot. “Fine, I’ll tell you! It was a spell! I tried a spell of revenge and forgot a major component thinking that it didn’t matter if I had it or not so it made up for it by changing…”

“Stop it!” Baelor snapped. “Are you trying to tell me a spell got you pregnant?”

Tirin kept her eyes locked with his. “Yes.”

“Leave! Get out of my sight, girl!” He growled.

“But I was trying to tell you the truth! I told you, you wouldn’t…I just …” she sobbed.

“Leave! I don’t want to see you right now; I don’t want to hear you!”

Tirin covered her mouth as he turned his back to her. Tirin turned and ran off.

Baelor covered his face as he listened to her footsteps fade.


Tirin felt unsteady as she rejoined the celebration and she was approached dozens of times to dance, but all she could think of was to get out of there. She didn’t feel well and the closeness of the crowd was irritating her. Tyrus would help her, she looked about for him her chest tightening as it began to appear that Tyrus had left. She cursed Darec for his interference and his selfishness.

“Tyrus!” She yelled. “Ty …” Someone grabbed her by her shoulder turning her about.

Daynel stood there a sour look on her face. “So you think you’re special.”

Tirin waved her away and started looking for Tyrus again only to have the red – head grab her again.

“Daynel … I don’t …”

“I didn’t ask for your attention, human, I’m demanding it. As someone who truly belongs here I just wanted you to know that no matter what happened to you in there you are still a barbaric human and nothing, not even the Grand Ao'lean can change that.” She snapped.

Tirin lost her patience with her and shoved her away. “Tyrus!” She screamed.

Illian stood beside the shocked Daynel, her hands placed defiantly upon her hips. “I saw your canine friend take off for the main gates, he was very upset about something when he came back from the Garden.”

Tirin just stared at her in disbelief, Tyrus was in the garden? She covered her face with her hands, he must have seen the kiss then …

Daynel watched as the human looked as if she was going to burst into tears, but did not care. She moved Illian out of the way.

“I didn’t appreciate that, cur.” She hissed. “Don’t expect to get away with …”

Tirin screamed. “Get away from me!”

The ground began to tremble and everyone stopped their chattering as a deep rumbling soon followed the trembling. Tirin felt a sudden release of pressure through her chest and watched as the ground reacted like water when a pebble was dropped into it. The ground settled only after the last wave. The party was ruined and the people were more than frightened, as none knew what had just happened or what caused it. Daynel looked about for Tirin her anger with the girl silenced, but she was nowhere to be found.

Tirin ran as hard as she could, sure that they would all soon be after her. She had to leave before they got themselves together; she had to leave anyway with the way she spoke to her father. She pinched herself, she needed to get control of her emotions! What happened back there was an effect of her anxiety. That couldn’t happen again, she couldn’t let it.

In what seemed like seconds she reached home, her heart in her throat as she looked behind her waiting to see a throng of people following her.

“Tyrus!” Tirin screamed as she rushed into the house. “Tyrus, Please!” Tirin stumbled a bit as the heel of her boot finally gave out. She kicked them off as she ran up the stairs to his room knowing he wasn’t there before she opened the door. She fell to her knees the urge to cry strong but refused. She slowly stood up and headed to her room closing the door quietly behind her. She had to get out of here, go somewhere else. She looked around her room, it was more than likely time for her to try and make a life for herself beyond Ao'lean. She began to get undressed.

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