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Darec dragged Kalin’s body to the cellar of an abandoned house. He almost smiled at his cleverness and the superstitious nature of his people. This house used to be Tyrus’ home, left alone since the night of his mother’s death. No one wanted to awaken the spirit of his mother. Thinking that she may be more than angry at not only what happened to her, but also what was done to her son. No one wanted to risk being haunted.

         Darec watched as the boy’s body flopped about as it tumbled down the stairs. It had been no different than killing a dog. He watched while the body landed in a broken heap at the bottom of the stairs. Shielding from view the carcasses of the animals that had fallen victim to his sick hobby. He didn’t know why he did it, he just knew it made him feel … wonderful. Darec closed the door and stood there for a moment. Why didn’t it bother him that he had just taken the life of another elf? He rubbed the back of his neck, it had been so easy, barely a struggle. Kalin was more gullible than he had thought.

Kalin had actually thought that Darec was genuinely sorry for what he did. That he was going to take him to the castle to retrieve payment for his humiliation. Darec smiled, he had no regrets. With ease he was able to get Kalin to trust him enough to follow him. For five minutes they walked away from the celebration toward a dark alleyway. Darec moved in and out of the shadows till Kalin actually thought he had lost the Young Lord. Darec then appeared behind the clueless moron and shoved him, causing him to tumble forward. Kalin yelled out and started to curse him, but even he knew he was in trouble when Darec put his hands about his head. A well-practiced move, Darec broke the young elf’s neck with no problem.

Darec headed back toward the front door that annoying little voice at the back of his head whispering about something. He used to know what it was the voice was saying, but as time went by it became more mysterious. Drowned out by that incessant buzzing that only quieted when he killed something. He knew it told of something important, something he should be concerned with.

As he drew closer to the Comne he could hear the alarmed commotion. He slowed and watched from a position out of sight as the party was in havoc. The area was a mess; whatever had happened was major and yet apparently unknown as the people wander about confused. He looked up the hill toward his own home and just barely caught sight of someone entering the Desgjin estate. He watched as the lantern in Tirin’s room was lit and she passed in front of her window. He is quite sure she was on the verge of hysterics and in need of a comforting shoulder. Tyrus was nowhere to be found apparently as he could hear her scream for him.


Tirin finished dressing and at the same time she brought her packing to a close. Her heart in her throat all the time as her mind replayed the look on her father’s face. He hated her! She had no idea where she was going to go or how she was going to survive … wait she had Wonderlost. She felt only a tiny bit better. She would be out there all alone, but she would still be close to Ao’lean. No one would know where she was or how to get to her even if they wanted to find her. She sat down on the bed feeling dizzy again. She caused an earthquake in the square, she was quite sure they all knew it was her. They would be coming for her she knew it along with her father. She covered her face as the tears start finally. Why was this happening?

The front door creaked open slowly and she stood up quickly. More than sure that it was her father she tied her bag shut and headed to her window.

“Tirin!” Darec shouted.

Tirin froze, one leg out over the ledge. She gripped her bag tightly then found it hard not to resist just leaving. She had to make him understand how much she appreciated his interference.

Darec watched relived as she came back in, sure that she was going to hurt herself. She walked over to him and he opened his mouth to say something when she slapped him and then started to hit him again when he caught her hand.

“Tirin, enough of this childish nonsense! Why are you attacking me?”

“Why?” She stared at him incredulously. “You interfere in affairs that don’t concern you and you want to know what that was for? You deserve more for what you’ve done!”

Darec quickly backed off not wanting her to hit him again. “I thought it would be happy news, something you would appreciate …”

“I would have appreciated it if it had come from my father’s own lips!” She shrieked. “What were you think … no you already said it.” She paced in front of him.

Darec looked around the room for something else to talk about then realized that she had a bag draped about her back and her clothing had changed.

“What are you doing?”

She paused for a second not realizing what he was talking about then remembered. She twirled about for him arms out.

“I’m leaving, what does it look like?”

He swallowed. “It looked like you’ve lost your mind!” He said while moving to grab a hold of her. “Your father …”

She moved back toward the window. “My father told me to leave, that he didn’t want to see me anymore.” She lamented. “That was my fault, the way I treated him, spoke to him. I blame you for the reaction I gave him.”

“He didn’t really mean it and you know it!” He said moving again this time he froze as she glared at him her hand out.

“Back off! This is your fault! Why don’t you apologize?”

“I thought I was doing you a favor...”

“Well you weren’t! All you were concerned with was to help yourself!”

Darec looked at her. “How?”

She shrugged. “How am I supposed to know your plan?”

They remained quiet for a few moments before she shook her head and started for the window again.

“There is no plan, Tirin. I wasn’t trying to …”

She shook her head.

“I don’t care for any of your excuses, Darec.”

He sighed. “But where are you going to go? Who’s going to take care of you?”

She gawked at him almost laughing at his attempt at concern.

“What does it matter?”

“Because I want to do it.”

She appraised him suspiciously. “Do what?”

“Marry you.”

She felt her stomach fall to the floor as her mouth dropped open. Did he just propose to her?


She stared at him in utter disbelief. The audacity of his arrogance! How could he possibly make his mouth say this to her? She is surprised at the feelings boiling up inside her and relived with the reaction she was about to give him.


“I should’ve killed you when I had the chance.”

Darec balked as she hissed at him. Momentarily unable to move or think as her words sank in. Finally he did move for her and watched alarmed as she ducked out the window.

“Tirin! No!” He yelled thinking that she was trying to kill herself and feeling utterly stupid as he watched her climb down the tree outside the window. He watched as she disappeared beyond the property and slammed his fist against the ledge of the window that strange buzzing filling his head again.

How dare she refuse him? And then threaten his life? Was she out of her mind? Did she not realize what he could do to her? He took a deep breath and turned heading out of her room quickly; he had to catch up with her.


Tirin didn’t feel the tears till she was almost halfway to the main gates. She was livid with disgust, how in the world could he make himself think that she could actually consider him as a lifemate? Was he that conceited? Of all the nerve to think that she could possibly forget and forgive … she growled as she rounded a corner pausing momentarily as she wiped her face. She had never growled like that before, it had sounded a like a true animal. She sounded a lot like Tyrus. She shrugged it off as the gates loom before her wishing that Tyrus had been there. So she could explain and smooth things over with him as well as watch him beat Darec to a pulp for his impertinence.

The two Guards at the gates walk toward her, large smiles on their faces as they stop her.

“An’ where d’you think yuir goin’, lady?” The older one asked grinning.

Tirin looked at him pleadingly. “Just this once, Zeph, let me through… I …”

“Tirin, darlin’.” The younger one started. “All this time you’ve been sneakin’ out and this time you actually ask us to leave? What’s wrong?”

“I really don’t have time to explain, Rane, please, just let me through!” She didn’t understand why she came this way either, she could have been well on her way if she had just taken her usual route out.

“Now you know we can’t. It’s not safe anyway. There’s a band of hunters out there now … lost due to the Ao'leans they could…”

The sound of hooves spun her about, as she knew who it is. Darec was racing his horse, Necrom, toward them like the devil was after him. Tirin grabbed their hands.

“Open please!”

Both of them looked warily as she seemed scared as their Young Lord approached.

“What’s goin’ on?” Zeph asked more sternly.

“Tirin!” Darec called as he drew closer.

She became frantic when he does and watched as the Guards continued to ignore her plea.

“Ohh! Fine!” She snapped and clapped her hands together in front of her then raised them over her head. As her hands moved upwards so did she, up and over the gates.

Darec reined his horse to a near crashing halt watching while the Guards just stood there and watched her fly away over the Gateway.

“Open the DAMN GATE!” Darec ordered. They moved quickly to start the mechanisms.


Tirin wished she could have time to enjoy this new use of her levitation spell but could feel the drain of it quickly as she tried to prolong its effectiveness. She flew over the ground a foot or two following the path to Ao'lean Forest. She pushed her spell and watched as inch by inch she got closer to the ground. The spell dispersed altogether when she reached the deepest part of the forest. The high rate of speed she had picked sent her crashing into a tree as she fell from the air. She righted herself quickly as she could hear the thundering of Darec’s horse. Tirin steeled herself against the pain. The breathtaking agony in her side informed her that she may have broken something, hopefully at worst; she only bruised a rib or two. She gritted her teeth and started running trying to reach the edge of the forest before Necrom reached her.

“Okay! Okay! I won’t take you back!” Darec yelled as he circled in front of her. He saw the cuts on her face and the way she was holding her ribs. “Tirin, c’mon, you’re hurt let’s not…”

Necrom moved back as she raised her hand toward him. Tightly holding her side she wished she knew more attack spells. As it was the pain was too much of a distraction for her to control the potency. She wished she had practiced that levitating spell more. It took almost everything she had. She could throw sparks at him but a good lightning spell was what she wanted. She swallowed painfully her chest on fire from the run. She hoped he believed her bluff.

“Tirin.” He said warily. “Even I know that you’re not that advanced. You used a lot of energy with that escape of yours.” He swallowed despite his own magykal knowledge, she could still hurt him if she really wanted to. “If you cast another spell you’ll more than likely pass out.”

She kept her arm rigid as she backed away from him slowly, how she hated that he was so knowledgeable.

“Tirin. I’ll … I’ll take you to the edge of the forest.”

Her hand lowered a bit.

“I … don’t …believe you.” She panted. “Why?”

He relaxed a little. “I know I’ve gone about this all wrong … and that there’s more than likely nothing I can do to change your mind … you are stubborn.” He cleared his throat as they locked eyes. “I want to do something right for once … for you. As long as you promise to be careful and to at least come back one day …”

She lowered her hand abruptly to plant it on her hip.

“What a pile of lies!” She snapped. “You proposed to me Darec! To me! What makes you think that I would say yes? Because you’re a Lord?”

Darec shook his head. “No! I proposed because I love you… because I want you as mine!”

Necrom retreated a few steps more when she growled at him. “I know you, Darec! Underhanded motives are your specialty!”

They stood there in silence for a long time before he sighed and looked up at the sky. He put his hand out for her to take.

“I will take you to the edge of Ao'lean Forest … I promise not to do anything suspicious.”

Tirin swallowed as she looked at his hand. She couldn’t get anywhere in her condition. “Okay, but I’m warning you. If we end up back in Ao'lean … I’ll … I’ll tell.”

Darec glared at her knowing where she was going but not quite believing that she was trying to black mail him.

“Tell what?”

“I’ll tell your father what you did to me.” She watched as he became impassive.

“Why would you do that?” He said trying to ignore the buzzing in his head.

“Because I hate you.” She said simply, fighting the smile that threatened but enjoying the feeling of finally being free. The muddled emotions she had for him earlier gone. It was Tyrus she wanted not this spoiled brat. She looked back toward Ao'lean, Tyrus would know where to find her. “I’ve always hated you but I just couldn’t remember why. If it wasn’t for Tyrus you would be dead, you should thank him when next you see him.” She searched him carefully for a reaction and was surprised as he did nothing, but chews his lip.

“Understood.” He responded and they are quiet again. He stared at her with that same look he gave Kalin before he hit him. She massaged her side.

“I have one question then we can go.” He said coldly.


“Was the child mine?”

She laughed loudly then subdued it as her ribs pained her. “I knew it! I knew it! The true reason you had the audacity to ask that ridiculous question! Because you loved me, HA!” She glared at him and watched alarmed as his face contorts.

“Was the child mine!” he barked. She quieted.


He doesn’t seem fazed by the answer at all as he sat upon Necrom a moment before gesturing for her hand.

She looked at him a few seconds unable to rid herself of the feeling that she was putting herself into danger. She took his hand, he helped her mount behind him, and they headed for the edge of the Forest.

Ten minutes passed and suddenly Necrom reared violently. Tirin screamed as she tried to hang on. Automatically she assumed that Darec was going to grab for her, but instead watched while he allowed her to fall. Darec watched her land with a sickening thud and she laid still. He circled around her, Necrom’s hooves coming close to stepping on her. The Guards would be here sooner or later their warning of the Human hunter’s enough to warrant quite a few of them as their Young Lord wandered the dark forest for Tirin. He smiled as the cause of her death came to him. The Human’s did it, they saw her as a traitor to their kind and killed her and he found her too late.

Darec reared Necrom up over her only to find himself propelled from his horse. He yelled out as he saw the arrow protruding from his upper arm. It had gone straight through! He looked about and saw the owner of the arrow lowering his bow. He was hoping not to run into them so soon! He goes for his weapon only to realize that he was not armed. Comnes required there be no weapons as the Grand Ao'lean despised them and he didn’t think to arm himself before he left. He watched as five Humans surrounded him and the unconscious Tirin.

Dou vere urd, Dale, jo de en Human.”

Darec looked at the speaker, his strawberry-blonde hair pulled back revealing his scruffy face, marred and cut from their lengthened visit in Ao'lean Forest.

Ja kin der bledere kure jout ler sis gourbuneer voods.

Darec watched as two men who looked to be siblings, with complexions like Tirin’s, dismounted and started for him. He retreats tripping over Tirin.

The young blond of the group glared at him. “Kin joutan nix’jah predo jouta’er finis con’jah? Bor garlinin gar mero si’dok.

The one called Dale looked at him a strange grin on his face. “Nader de dani ni urma o rouist? Ni, Malik, jouta’la saburk jaha atur, re’nir vunt e ando un gar bor nixin en Elf eh mirs e ar un ernada sis erdi cam.

Darec watched the two talk, saw the little one motion toward him. He knew they were threatening him but he couldn’t understand a word they spoke which only made his panic worse. He started screaming.

“Help! Help, we’re here! We’re…ughn!” One of the darker ones hit him in his stomach then knocked him down.

Dale, ret dou aver viruk o joutan kin …

It is the distant sound of more hooves heading their way that caused ‘Malik’ to jump down and retrieve Tirin. Darec yelled for him to leave her only to be hit across the face before the five hunters took off. Minutes later Zeph, Rane and four others appeared, Zeph dismounting before his horse to a halt.

“Lord Darec!” Zeph motioned for the other four to go after the hunters as he and Rane helped the young Lord. “What happened?”

Darec wiped his face and shook their hands away as they tried to steady him. He looked in the direction the hunters left in.

“I finally caught up with Tirin when those hunters surrounded us…”

Zeph looked about his breath catching. “Lord Darec, where is Tirin? Did she get away?”

Darec looked at him then shook his head. “They took her.”

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